Average Guy

May 23- June 17, 1999

Once upon a time, there were two nice people who wanted to be parents, but couldnít. Coincidentally, there was a young woman who also wanted to be a parent SOMEDAY, but was pregnant NOW. An agency in there community was set up to handle situations such as this, and it DID.

The young womanís pregnancy continued in a healthy, predictable way, and concluded two days before the doctorís estimated.due date. The baby was a healthy, pink, wriggling bundle of boy. His mother named him Jeremy, because it sounded like a happy name and she wanted him to grow up happy.

Three days after his birth, Jeremy went to live with his new parents. They didnít know his name, so they called him something else, but it had significance to them, just as ďJeremyĒ did to the other mother.

As the little boy grew into a man, he learned many things. He learned that he was a boy, that he had brown hair, blue eyes, and big ears. He learned he was adopted and very loved. He learned to whistle, to play baseball, to ride a bike, to build a campfire. He learned to read, to write, to do math. He learned to drive a car, to work hard for an employer, to win a womanís heart, and to change a babyís diaper. He graduated from college at the age of 27, having changed his major 4 times, dropping out for a year, and returning to school evenings until he finally finished. He started a small business, bought a small house in the suburbs, and paid his taxes. All in all, he was an average guy. Average, but happy.

Hint: He didnít do drugs. He wasnít an alcoholic. He didnít abandon his wife and child. He didnít kill his adoptive parents. He didnít stalk his birth mother. He was JUST an average guy...and he was adopted! Imagine that!

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