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Hitz FM Page

and be with these people who are the best!!

The Hitz Cruiser hitting the streets of Melbourne
So please support HITZ FM
Look 4 the Hitz FM CD's, They will be classics!.

HITZ FM 89.9FM is now OFF AIR thanks to the A.B.A. But we the Hitz FM crew members are still talking about the future for Hitz. It is going to be strange not hearing Hitz FM 24/7(No Joke!)..... Oh, Congratulations to Joy Melbourne (94.9FM) who got their full time license (By the A.B.A) WELL DONE..... HITZ FM's 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and the last 20th Broadcasts was a great success, age limit has increased now it use to be 25 yrs old (age limit is 30yrs old for D.J's and 30yrs old for volunteers! this got changed from the constitution at the Hitz FM A.G.M. in 1999)
or they just went missing!!! See you all in the future where Hitz FM will be back on air 24/7!
You gotta be in to see the fun in the radio station! Catch Ya Later........

Hey check out the Hitz FM
Broadcast 19 - Top 50 Count Down
Broadcast 17 - FAV. 60 Count Down
Broadcast 16 - Top 40 Count Down

See the Hitz FM's Web Site

Updated on Friday October the 27th 2000