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Thursday, 25 August 2005
DRAWING Mike Twohig

PERSONAL ZINE -coldhandsdeadheart:

#265 Feb 2003 "Zine Thing" (One page devoted to zine reviews) About 6-8 reviews a month. Gave general review for #10-12 and printed cover of #11.

#236 Jan 2003 general review for #10-13
#245 Oct 2003 reviewed #16 (cover printed)
#249 Feb. 2004 reviewed #17 (cover printed)
#259 Dec. 2004 reviewed ALL SKEWED UP (cover printed)
#269 Oct. 2005 reviewed #19 (cover printed)

Slug and Lettuce
"A zine supporting the do-it-yourself ethics of the punk community"
#75 Spring 2003 reviewed #14
#80 Summer 2004 reviewed #18

Punk Planet:
#57 Sept/Oct 2003 reviewed #14
#61 May/Jun 2004 reviewed #17
#64 Nov/Dec 2004 reviewed #18
#66 Mar/Apr 2005 reviewed All Skewed Up

Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press:
#19 general review for #10-13 (printed promo card for online gallery)
#22 reviewed #17 & #18
supplement of #22/#23 reviewed All Skewed Up

Zine Guide
#7 (never published)

Broken Pencil:
"A magazine of zine culture and the independent arts." (Canada)
#23 reviewed #16 (printed excerpt page)

Xerography Debt:
"A review zine with latent perzine tendencies, a review zine for zine readers by zine writers, it is a hybrid of review zine and personal zine."
#12 reviewed #16
#15 reviewed #18
#16 reviewed All Skewed UP

Modern Arizona:
a zine by Joe Unseen from Brewster, NY
#6 reviewed #16, 17, 18

#22 reviewed #18
#29 reviewed #19

#39 general review of chdh, VOL/surfriders, freedom fighters
#41 reviewed #19

Eye Candy Zine:
reviewed #18

Almost Normal Comics:
"An independent small press publisher"
#14 reviewed in April 2002 comics section
#16, 17, 18 reviewed in October 2004 comics section

Supreme Nothing:
-A perzine, and zine review website.
Reviews for #16 and #17

"artist's books online" London, UK
#10 cover and #12 back cover shown for 6 months. General description

"Free thinkers creating their own media."
reviewed on June 23, 2003 (archived)

Bibliotheteque: -zine review website
reviewed #16 on 9.26.03 (archived)

Zine Thug: -zinereview webite
#16 reviewed in issue #4

the Circle: -Arts publication/ website
general review in issue #28 winter 2004

Zine Guide: -zine review publication/ website
"The definitive rescource for independent and underground publications known as zines."
"#3 pick of the week" June 8th - June 14th 2003

Virus Zine:
"…goal is to bring you information on creative projects in the independent community."
Reviewed #17 in Feb 2004 (archived) -posted link/graphic for chdh website on main page.

#18 archived Nov. 14, 2004

New Pages "alternatives in print and media":
ALL SKEWED UP reviewed in "Zine Rack" section, #24 Dec. 1, 2004
#19 reviewed Oct 5, 2005

Poopsheet "Reviews of comics, zines, and other independent media:
All Skewed Up reviewed 4.6.05
chdh #19 11.7.05

All That Glitters:
"non-profit zine distro created because of the lack of distros in the UK."
Sold all 5 copies of #16, #17 in stock.

Obscurity Unlimited: -a small press publisher
#10 & #11 in stock

Eclectic Starsparks: -Adelaide, Australia
5 copies of #17 in stock.

Pink Glitter Distro:
chdh #16, 17, 18, and ALL SKEWED UP

Valiant Death Records:
ALL SKEWED UP, chdh #18

MAD people Distro:

Fever Press:
chdh #18


Rochester Democrat and Chronicle -main newspaper
1 small editiorial drawing, January 2001

RIT Reporter -weekly student run publication
2001 annual art&lit issue: 2 drawings

Signatures -annual RIT art&lit publication
2001: 1 ink, and 1 ink/ colored pencil drawing

IMPACT press:
"Covering issues the way the media should."
#43 Feb/Mar 2003: commissioned drawing for back cover

"New perspectives on politics, culture, media, and life."
#19 Mar/Apr 2003: illustrated "the Gretzky Effect" by Mickey Z.

Punk Planet -Chicago
#54 Mar/Apr 2003: 3 illustrations for "The War Comes Home: At protests this spring, it might be harder than ever to stay on the street and out of jail." By Chris Ziegler

Oyster Boy Review: -San Francisco
#17 Poetry Annual Fall 2003: printed pg 2 from chdh #14 as cover image, and 4 additional drawings from #14.

Jajo -Sarasota Springs, NY art&lit
#2 2001 (or 02 ?): 1 drawing from chdh #5

Lit Rag: -Seattle art&lit
#15 winter 2003: 9 drawings from chdh #10,11,&12
#17 2004: 5 drawings from chdh #17

"Independent literature, music,and art."
#8: featured artist: 4 drawings from chdh #12
#9: Bush drawing from chdh #14 for "Oil Stains Across America: George Bush Puts Democracy Up for Sale" by Todd taylor
#10: Johnny Cash drawing "Love, Loss and the Man in Black" by Mark Huddle
#ll: 2 drawings "The League of Zeros" by Jeremy Robert Johnson
#12: 3 drawings "Mail Order Bride" by Joshua Landers
#13: 4 drawings "Clue" by Christopher Staley
#14: 4 drawings “……” by cover drawing of Sleater Kinney

Mantis -art&lit from Buffalo State College. art&lit
#1 2003: 4 drawings from chdh #10
#2 2003: 3 drawings from chdh # 13, 14

Recluse Zine: -Columbus, Ohio
printed Trent Lott drawing from chdh #14

Zine World
#19: designed cover...they coverted solid black background and text to green
#22: "What Whould Michael Moore Do?" cartoon

Bathtub Gin: -biannual lit/art magazine
“A bootlegger of ideas, untaxed and unregulated.”
#13 fall/winter 2003: printed “we’ll stop this creep…” from chdh #14
#14 2004: printed "genetically engineered grain conspiracy"

"A Magazine for young photographers, writers, and artists."
Designed 2 2-page spreads for "Freadom Fighters" by Richard Gimbel II
4 drawings and hand written text.

"comics and music"
#38: Alice Cooper drawing
#40: Jimi Hendrix and HR (Bad Brains)
#41: GAYBOT 6-panel comic

Black Book Press
art & literary publication by Kyle Van Heck
#1 4 drawings M.Moore, Freedom Fighter, and 2 from chdh #18
#2 3 drawings from chdh #8, #9, and cover of #14

Stationaery -"A Montreal-based literary magazine built on story telling; all forms of fiction, nonfiction, reporting, poetry, personal reflections, haikus, et al, and 2-dimensional forms of art.
#2 "Extreme Table Tennis" from chdh #18
#3 "illxstression" postcard (watercolor) reproduced b&w
The Dog Supplement "obnoxious reinforcement..." from chdh #17

Art Bureau:
#8 Spring 2005
10 new drawings specifically for the issue. 1 of 3 featured artists

2 anti-smoking drawings in gallery
Monkey drawing on 4x6 card featured in gallery #55. Jeremy collects original artwork on 4x6 cards.

“OH GROW UP! Cool Jobs That Let You Have Fun”
My sister Jill’s grad school project. Illustrated 26 jobs A-Z as a zine.

“An Education in Rebellion”
Poetry by Kyle Van Heck Illustrations by Mike Twohig


Snaggletooth (demo) 2002 -Rochester death rock
Singer Jared gave me concept for stuffed jack-a-lope head.

Avulsion: Crimes Against Reality Buffalo grind metal
Rochester musician/ Printer Paul Pieramico produced this CD and asked me to do the cover drawing, and also another for the back.

Mell Dell "Feelit" 2004 -Rochester hip-hop
individually screen printed 12” record sleeves by DJ wagon of


Visual Studies Workshop Nov. 2 2004 group art show-closing reception for "More than Moore" video installation
10 drawings from chdh and Voice of the Land

Arti-Smoking Exhibit by 37 International Artists at VMAC Gallery
Quanyin - Goddess of Mercy and Compassion to Commemorate (Artworks for commemoration to tobacco victims).
Exhibition Dates: June 9th to July 10th, 2005
3 drawings (prints) from 2001

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Updated: Monday, 7 November 2005 3:58 PM EST
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PAINTING Mike Twohig


"Syko Illxstression"
Dec. 00 - Feb. 01: Bug Jar ("Your bar on Earth") 219 Monroe Ave. Rochester, NY. Submitted color copies of paintings during summer 2000. Show consisted of 26 pieces from early spring 2000, on found pieces of drywall, wood, and canvas. Opening reception: 20-30 friends and acquaintances.

"new PAINtings"
Feb. 3 - Apr. 3, 2003: Bug Jar. 13 acrylics: 11 canvas, 2 wood. All abstract formations on off-white ground. No opening reception.

July 9-24 2005 A\V Rochester NY
Paintings drawings photos


"An EERIE Connection"
Oct. 6, 2004 - Jan. 7, 2005: Bug Jar. Mike Twohig (Erie native): 8 acrylics on canvas EERIE ERIC (Erie, PA): 11 acrylics on canvas


"Synaptic Seizures"
Spring - Summer 2001: Club Piranha (techno/goth), Rochester, NY (now: Club at Water Street). Saw flyer calling for work. There were 3 month-long showings with opening nights (poorly attended).

"Head Space"
Summer 2001: rented loft in Rochester's Farmer's Market, North Union St. Sean Chilson (a co-coordinator and artist) informed me of show. Included photography, painting, sculpture. I showed 6 acrylics on drywall. "Figure", experimental electronic musician, performed.

"Senior Illustration Show"
Spring 2001: Gallery r RIT's student run gallery on Park Ave. Showed 6 acrylics on drywall.

"Starving Artists"
monthly shows 2001 - 2002: Bug Jar. In collaboration with Rochester's Skye High DJ nights. Openings on last Wednesday per month. Showed 1-4 new pieces every month for over a year. Did a lot of experimenting. The shows inspired me to come up with new work on a consistent basis. Gained much experience with hanging my own work, as well as others'.

"As American as French Fries"
6.13.03: State Street Tavern (hard rock/heavy metal) Erie, Pa. My sister told me that a local artist was putting an art show together. Her boyfriend was also showing, and they invited me bring some stuff down. Hung 5 acrylics on canvas. 3 from "new PAINtings", and 2 new.

"A Skateboarder Art Show"
8.8.03: Sean Chilson's apartment on Monroe Ave. Salon style show, many pieces in a small space. Showed 3 acrylics on canvas, 2 new.

11.14.03: rented space on Atlas St. Rochester, NY. One well attended opening night. Two big rooms. Live music, by Eastman School of Music jazz band. Showed 3 new acrylics on canvas.

"In Flesh and Spirit" -reflections on our days of the dead
10.30 - 11.21.04: A\V Space 8 Public Market Curated by A\V member Kate Laux. Showed "Zombie Tryptich"(03) "Stanlee" & "Anti-Stanlee"(04) "Object of Affection"(00)

Lux Lounge (rochester bar 666 South Ave.)
Grand Opening: 3 acrylics on canvas (3-4 months)
Halloween 2003: Zombie Tryptich -oil on canvas (3-4 months)
Spring/Summer 2005: Stanlee & Anti-Stanlee oils on canvas

"Art Recycling Sale"
2.28.04: Rochester Contemporary. Non-profit art organization. One night. Showed 4 acrylics and 2 oils. None sold, but donated 1 piece for future event.


Rochester Contemporary: one acrylic on wood(02) from "Art Recycle Sale"(04)

"Synaethesia #2"
6.11-6.12.04: At the All-Purpose Room. Donated two paintings, which were raffled off to benefit the APR.

Tsunami Benefit
Visual Studies Workshop. 1 acrylic on canvas auctioned off


Gallery r
Summer 2000: 5 or 6 acrylics and oils on drywall and wood.

Park Avenue Treasures
Fall 2001: front two rooms of a hair salon on Park Ave. Gallery manager asked me to bring in some work. Owner commissioned me to paint 3 oils on canvas. Showed those, and 3 older pieces. Well attended opening.


Gibbs St. Rochester, NY. Extremely regular patron from May 1999 - Dec. 2001. Did most of my ink drawing there, during that period of time. Popular hangout for young people in evenings especially summertime. Mike Calabrese acquired ownership after original "Java Joe" failed financially. Was given the opportunity to paint a mural on a 2x2x12 ft square pillar, and used four colors to abstract approximately 15 faces from my own photos. Have shown many pieces at Java's, most downstairs in the pool room. Owner commissioned me to paint three oils on canvas of locals.

Java Wally's
RIT built a coffee shop in the Wallace Memorial Library and leased it to Java's, hence the name, Java Wally's (Java's was once "Java Joe's"). I had seen flyers posted by the library's director, calling for artwork. There was an initial plan for me to do a mural, but that didn't fly. I was able to display 20-some of my early pieces (all on drywall or wood) along with other student's work. After about 1 year, those were exchanged with 5 newer acrylics, and 1 oil on canvas.

Rochester goth/industrial music club/bar. It's original location on Liberty Pole Way after I'd been able to attend a few hardcore/metal/punk shows in the summer of 2000. They opened up, a few blocks away on Chestnut St. I'd been a semi-regular on Thursday nights in the summer/fall of 2001, and noted a few pieces of artwork, but there was also a lot more wall space available. I spoke to the manager and she let me hang some work (early, dark pieces). The place is very dark (black walls), so I had to strategically place them where they'd at least have some visibility. After 1 year, I took a few down, and exchanged them with different pieces.

Rocket Coffee Co.
Rochester. The owner had moved his shop, Chritian's Café (shortly named "Iguana Club") from The Village Gate to Monroe Ave, just around the corner of my former apartment. Only survived about 1 year. I had shown about 5 paintings at different times throughout 1 year.

LUX Lounge
666 South Ave. Rochester. RIT graduate and photographer Karrie Laughton had hosted the Bug Jar's Arts and Crafts night, until she opened this bar. LUX is more artistically sophisticated than the Bug Jar, minus the distraction of live bands and DJ nights. Theirs is a big back yard where she shows periodically shows movies. I'd been asked to paint one of the small tables and showed for paintings at the grand opening. I did a zombie triptych oil on canvas, intended for Halloween 2003, that hung until Feb. 2004. 2 cat paintings from Flesh and Spirit shown spring/summer 2005.

Atomic Eggplant
Vegetarian restaurant on Marshall St., just off of Monroe Ave. Just as they were opening in early 2002, a friend of mine who also worked there, told me they were looking for artwork. I contributed 2 acrylics on canvas and later exchanged one of those for a newer piece.

#1 "sideshowaction" acrylic on canvas 10.1.05: Gaybot/RogerHouston show at A\V
-cont. 10.2.05: 1st Annual "Artist Row" at Public Market
#2 "grudgedestroyathon" acrylic on canvas 10.22.05: PHYSIC 1.0 Mobile Multimedia Collective


RIT's student run weekly publication. The annual art&lit issue, May 2000. Submitted 2 acrylics on drywall, and they printed my very first, truly personal expressive painting of a distorted figure, as the first full-page image.

City “Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly”
Rochester's alternative news weekly. "art seen" This is where local amateur artists can send in their artwork to be featured in a 1/4 page section of the paper. My painting "(one)", an acrylic on canvas, was printed in color. They only show one at a time, on an irregular basis.


Art Conspiracy: Mike
Offers free space for anyone to create a gallery of artwork, separated into Eye, Word, Physical, Mind, and Sound. Supporting members receive their own address and other perks.

Get Underground: >art >visual >Mike Twohig: Illxstression
"Creative resistance designed for the emancipation if the human spirit" Online arts magazine showcasing all types of media. Submitted some paintings, and was given space to create a gallery of about 25 pieces. Was one of 3 featured visual artists for 1 month and archived for additional viewing. Provides space for viewers' comments.

Underground Artist Association: >Showcase >visual >Mike Twohig
"Our primary goal is to create an environment that promotes the many talented (though perhaps under-appreciated) people in our towns" 15 paintings showcased.

Chromatose Underground:
7 paintings showcased.

Hinge Online:
"A quarterly journal devoted to Philadelphia based arts. 4 paintings archived in Fall 2002


Coffee Faucet
"to publish,…a few of the worthwhile literary and visual works which go unnoticed" 10 paintings in visual section fall/winter 2003

Art Bureau:
" an informal art production that embraces the DIY movement..."
3 painting in online gallery


Esoteric Outreach Program's "Assemblage 1"
One of "20 artists from various backgrounds were chosen after responding to calls for entries on numerous websites and e-mailings. 7 acrylics on canvas showcased.

The Fall #2:
"The fall is an alternative medium created to facilitate artistic exposure…is designed to act as a liaison between artists and galleries in addition it helps to create community between artists." One of 4 visual artists (also literary and music). 10 acrylics on canvas showcased.

Sticky Art First Edition:
"…was formed to bring together some of the best designers, artists, and creative people from all around the world and show their work through the distribution of stickers.
3 of 49 stickers. 1 watercolor, 1 acrylic on canvas, 1 ink on paper.

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