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The Simple Golf Swing - User Recommended Golf Instruction
A new and effective way to shave strokes from your golf score!  Guaranteed to drop your handicap by 7 strokes.

Power Play System Q Titanium Driver - Only $99

  • Best Value

  • Unique Weighting System allows you to draw or fade the ball depending on your style of play.  You can also control trajectory.

  • You select the shaft flex, length, and grip

  • Upgraded shafts are available

  • Left and Right handed Clubs

  • Compare to the Taylormade R7 ($699)

  • Sale - Only $99 while Supplies Last

The Power Play System Q Driver is a new benchmark in titanium driver technologies. The moveable tungsten and aluminum weights create customizable launch angles and ball flight options. Six weight configurations give you total control of your game. The System Q includes two (2) six gram tungsten weights and two (2) two gram aluminum weights preinstalled. The position of the weights in the club head determine ball trajectory. An included weight setup tool helps you position the weights (see picture above). The weights require a 4mm Allen wrench that can be found in the butt cap of the grip where some golfers like to store a tee. Please be careful when removing the weights. If you are considering a Power Play System Q driver they also offer irons and fairway woods to match. This club is available in custom lengths and flexes.

Click Here to Learn More about the Power Play

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Hotels - You pay only room tax
Courses - You save 50% has free packages available to 20 cities in around the world, and we're gaining more everyday.  Ready for the best part? You'll also get huge discounts on the best golf courses.  Tell us where you want to go, and how many people are going. We'll take care of the rest.

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Arnie's Playing Days at The Masters Really Are Over
Arnold Palmer played in his 50th Masters last year, and he said it would be his last. Now, this year, he's taking it one step farther: he'll go to Augusta for the Champions Dinner, but he won't play a...

"Big Break III": Episode 6 Recap
Another contestant is sent packing in Episode 6 of "The Big Break III,"leaving five players remaining. Which of the women was eliminated? If you missed the sixth episode, read on for a brief recap. If you haven't yet seen...

Callaway's Newest Vision for Putters: the I-Trax
The I-Trax Putter is the latest offering from Callaway, shipping in April. What's the eye-catching feature of this flatstick? It incorporates interchangeable "vision strips,"allowing the golfer to swap out the top-of-the-putter alignment aid if he prefers one type to...

The Origins of 18 Holes
A full-length golf course is 18 holes. Why? Why not 15, or 22, or any other number? How did 18 come to be the standard for number of holes on a golf course? Our Golf History FAQ has the answer...

Ladies European Tour Player Makes Gulbis Look Modest
Sophie Sandolo is a member of the Ladies European Tour, a French-born Italian who earned a B.A. degree from UCLA. She has something in common with Natalie Gulbis: she's yet to win a tour event. Sandolo has something else...

"Big Break III"Contestants in Futures Tour Opener
The 2005 season of the Futures Tour - the women's professional tour that is the equivalent to the PGA Tour's Nationwide - teed off Friday with three of the six remaining contestants from "The Big Break III"in the field....


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