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Clan Roxxor

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Mood:  vegas lucky
Now Playing: pr0n musics
And by welcome I mean hi2u...this is clan roxxor's 'official' place to write things they call blogs? /tell doesnt work anymore so we do it this way. First a few things about roxxor and life advice in general.

1. Win the game. Pretty damn simple eh? We dont think so. The man is all over your ass with snares and arrows...well buck up pussy, you still gotta win.

2. That one didnt make sense but Im leaving it.

3. Members- in no order,

Andrew- Alias- Gargar, Roxxor4lyfe
Justin- Alias- Volt, Whitey (RIP)
Adam- Alias- Vald, Adamoftehshire, x.e.r.o
Tyler- Alias- Shur, Team Fantom
Cleric- Alias- Parker, Modo, nevrsurrendr
Sophie- Alias- Jilliadara (RIP)
Brad Pitt- Alias- Brad
Ghandi- Alias- STK-Ogre

that about covers the members, so onto life advice.

4. Win the game.(this applies to everything)

5. Games we play,
World of Warcraft,
Halo 2 on xbox live,
Starcraft, ( only adam)=*( it wasted our time...
Pr0n poker

As we all remember how much pwnage ensued after pvp encounters and other 1337 things in games we decided to compile some of it and post it up on a website along with pictures, phat linkz, and other various shenanigan type crap that we find amusing. Feel free to look around, contact me, or play us in a game and get your ass handed to you. If you are a hot girl dont bother emailing me with words, just pictures please. That is all.

Posted by ill2/adamoftehshire at 4:41 PM MDT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 May 2005 4:45 PM MDT
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