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Football Season of 2003

The squad before the Western vs. Bowness game!!
Back Row: Elsa, Liz, Rachel, Sapna, Julie, Andrea
Middle Row: Winnie, Claire, Brittany, Albina, Jenn, Aimee
Front Row: Irene, Svetlana
Missing: Elissa, Ann

Western vs. Scarlett

Pile of cheerleaders

Julie... O.o ?!?!?!

Irene with a green balloon...

Aimee... aww =)



W!!! (The beginning of our letter cheer)

W-I-N! We've done it again! W-I-N! Here we go again!

WCHS letter cheer - (during practise before the game)

Awesomeness - Winnie, Julie, and Aimee doing the signature dance move