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Cheer Clinic 2003

A cheer clinic was heled from October 18th - 19th of 2003 at WCHS. The cheer team from University of Alberta coached various students that gathered from all over Alberta at this clinic. Awesome days!!! =)

Some of the pictures turned out REALLY bad because of the lighting and just fuzziness. I tried to photoshop some of them to save them but it didn't work. =\ Oh well guys, we'll get more before the next game!

Our double hitch and shoulder sit pyramid.

U of A cheer team

Another team popping their flyer.

Hitches and a thigh stand.

Another team stunting on the second day.

More stunting.

Traditional pyramid with some variations.

Great stunt! =).

Claire on her way to doing the splits; Julie, Andrea, and Winnie lifting; Jenn spotting.

More stunts by U of A.

And some more....

The benefits of having a male athelete on your team...

Group picture of the cheerleaders.

Nikki and Val =) ... our private coaches.

Stunt Clip 1

Stunt Clip 2