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About Us
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2003-2004 Season

Welcome to our webpage!
We'd like to introduce ourselves and let you know a little about our sport.
The Western Canada High School Cheerleading Squad is a group of girls (we also welcome guys to try out for the team) that attend our school's football and basketball games and bring out the school spirit. A typical squad consists of ideally 15 members, which makes it more convenient for formation and stunts.

If you are interested in trying out for the 2004-2005 season, feel free to contact us via e-mail (visit the Leaving section) or come meet us on club sign-up day in September 2004. To find out more about what the team does, go to the Things to Read section, and click on Our Goals!
About Us

here for our pictures.

Congratulations to all those who made the team this year!
A reminder to all those who tried out: your spirit is more than welcome at next year's try-outs! Hope to see you there!

Mrs. Betty YoungShe is our school's home economics and culinary arts teacher. We would like to thank her for all her efforts to keep this team going through our struggles to keep stunting! We love you!

Squad Members
AndreaA grade 12 IB student who enjoys various types of dance. She looks forward to the year ahead!
ClaireA grade 11 student who loves to dance. Claire is one of the older members of this year's squad and has been on the squad for one year.
JulieA grade 11 student who's great at singing and also enjoys performing.
WinnieA grade 11 IB student who likes art and dance. She looks forward to the upcoming year with the team!
AimeeA grade 11 student who enjoys dance and is excited about this upcoming football season!

-information about other squad members will be added shortly-

Here are the links to some websites. But be sure to come back here! =)

Terminology - words that we use

Positions - jobs of different members of the squad

Motions - standard positions that we use in cheerleading


Leaving already?

Well, before you go, here are some contacts for you in case you want to try out for our team, or if you have any questions. We will reply as soon as possible.

Team e-mail:

If there are any problems with the webpage, please contact Winnie at Thanks! =)


Every year our squad members change as our senior members graduate and the new student join us. With that, so do our goals.

For the 2003-2004 season, many of our grade 12 students have graduated. This means that many of our new members from grade 10 will be unfamiliar to cheerleading, and we will all have a lot to learn about the sport. Some of us have a background in dance, but no experience in stunting. And so, without a doubt, we will be working on our stunts a lot this year to perfect new skills that we will learn.

To stay in shape is also important for any sport, and of course, for cheerleading as well. It is one of our goals to stay in good shape and always, always have a great attitude.

Dedication towards the squad is important as well. Every week we have at least 2 afterschool practises where we come up with, practise, and perfect new material for the next game that we go to. Every member is required to show up for all of these practises, because if we're missing a few people, the stunts just won't come together.

Our Cheers

Here's just a few of the many cheers that we do at games. We're always coming up with new material, so come back for updates!

A chant is something we would do on the sidelines; on the bleachers.

S-C-O-R-E let's go!

Touchdown mighty Redmen
Here we go again!

Be Aggressive
Be Agressive
B-E Agressive
Be Aggressive

Let's get a little bit rowdy

We're gonna F-I-G-H-T
We're gonna S-C-O-R-E
We're gonna fight
We're gonna score
We're gonna win!


Fan Cheers
A fan cheer is typically a chant that involves the spectators

(Clapping rhythm: 2-3-4-2)
Fans, fans in the stands
If you're with us, clap your hands (clap rhythm)
Now that you've got the beat
Follow us and stomp your feet (stomp rhythm)
Help the Redmen win today, show your spirt, shout hurray
Hurray!-clap clap clap
Hurray!-stomp stomp stomp
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray

A cheer is generally done on the field or on the court; includes movements

Our team is BOOM dynamite
Our team is BOOM dynamite
Our team is tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
BOOM dynamite

Red Fight White Fight
Red fight
White fight
Western Redmen win tonight!

That's the way we're gonna be
Be bold!
Ah ah!
Be bold!

-coming soon-

Eating Disorders

As we all know, cheerleaders are in the spotlight a lot. We perferm in front of crowds; dancing, cheering etc. A cheerleader may feel like she or he needs to look their best, which is true; but some take it way too far.

Eating disorders are common amongst young people, especially young athletes who are under the pressure of the public eye, such as we cheerleaders are. If you suspect that you or another squad member may have an eating disorder, read the following information and then seek help.

Facts of Eating Disorders

"The exact causes of eating disorders are in fact unknown. However, many psychiatrists that have been treating patients with eating disorders over the years come to a common conclusion that the disorder is triggered by stress in their lives. Sometimes it can be because of problems in their family, stress from school or work, or a loss of a loved one.

Another common trigger seems to be sexual harassment. Some point in their lives, people with eating disorders may have been strongly affected by another in some way to completely change their views on their own bodies through the form of sexual harassment. The result is a low self esteem and a feel of a need to take control of something in their lives; and often this is their weight management.

However, even though many of the victims of eating disorders may live through years of having the disorder, many of them do not choose to be that way. Eating disorders are in fact a disease, and not something the individual chooses to have or not to have. They are often people with high grades, and do exceptionally well in school. They are perfectionists as perceived by their peers, but they themselves do not see such a perfection and strive for more.

About 10% of the North American population suffers from eating disorders. And of that group, 12% die from starvation, malnutrition, or heart attacks...."

Eating Disorder Symptoms

Anorexia Nervosa
very low calorie intake
nonstop calorie counting
very low body weight
denial of hunger cues
extreme physical activity
feeling controlled by food
food avoidance or hoarding
seeing food as good or bad
frequent meal skipping
frequent thoughts about food
loss of menstruation

Bulimia Nervosa

binge eating more than 2 times per week
eating as a coping strategy
lack of control over eating
fasting or restrictive eating
wide variation in food intake
low to normal weight
over concerned about body shape
frequent meal skipping
frequent thoughts about food
frequent sweet or starch cravings

Purging Syndrome
self-induced vomiting
misuse of laxatives and diuretics
excessive exercise to body of calories
fear of food and calories

Binge Eating Disorder
eating a large amount of food in a short period of time
feeling that your eating is out of control
frequent episodes of large consumption of sweets and starches
excessive cravings for food
above normal body weight
seeking help for obesity, not binge eating behavior

Celebrities that Cheered

Cameron Diaz
Lauren Hill
President George Bush
Angela Bassett
Kirsten Dunst
Sandra Bullock
Kirk Douglas
Meyrl Streep
Samuel L. Jackson
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Raquel Welch
Reba McEntire
Jimmy Stewart
Halle Berry
Mandy Moore
Alicia Silverstone