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SAT Vocab


A pond is shallow and a lake is deep.
Geiger Counter measures radiation
Odometer measures mileage
Chronometer accurate clock
Three types of mammals:
Monotrenes Lay eggs
Marsupials Pouched
Placentals No eggs, no pouches
SAT Vocab
Tout To boast (about)
Pugnacious Looking for a fight
Sedentary Sitting as spectators
Gregarious Social
Capricious Being Impulsive
Empirical Observed through senses
Transitory Not permanent
Gratuitous Not called for
Dubious Suspicious
Rancorous Filled with anger
Stevedore A servant on a ship
Traverse To go across
Abash To embarrass
Arbiter A moderator in a dispute
Emulate To copy as a role model
Nip To cut
Candor Openness
Clandestine Secret
Assiduous Diligent
Fortuitous Accidental
Circuitous Indirectly routed
Discursive Rambling
Revelry Merrymaking
Impeccable Infallible
Charlatan A fraud
Spurious False
Volatile/Mercurial Easily Angered/Easy to vaporize
Iconoclast A person who's against orthodoxy
Abhor To hate
Stagnate/Static ot moving
Tactful Diplomatic
Vindicate To be shown right
Decried To be annoyed at
Evanescence Ephemeral
Temerity Having gall "some nerve"
Anthropocentrism Belief that humans are the most important
Grandiose Having a big ego
Pragmatic/Utilitarian Useful
Efficacy Effectiveness
Benign Not harmful
Obdurate Tough
Enervated Robbed of energy/fatigued
Regale To lavishly entertain
Extol To praise lavishly
To reclaim land To irrigate
Drubbed Beaten
Verdant Very green
Variegated Many colors
Belie To give light to
Culpable Guilty
Clandestine Hidden
Exacerbate To worsen
Ameliorate To mitigate
Consummate Accomplished
Ineffable Inexpressible
Onerous Negative/Dark
Tome A Big Book
Lummox A Goof
Boon A helpful gift/Something given that is helpful
Maxim A Short proverb
Statue A Law
Hedonistic In it for pleasure
Precocious Advanced
Discourse A speech or essay
Querulous Complaining often
Rhapsodies Speaking of something romantically
Lithe Flexible
Opulent Rich
Indomitable Not able to be dominated
Machination An action toward a goal
Marred Stained/brought down
Gibber To spew BS
Virtuoso A musically talented person
Bard A poetically talented person
Deleterious Harmful
Sanctimonious Holy BS King
Circuitous Round about
Bilk To Swindle
Sullied Marred
Debunker A Cynic
Dissembler A BS King
Mendacity A state of being a BS King
Enmity Unfriendly
Thicket A landscape of shrubs
Remuneration A collection of funds in exchange for labor
Modicum A small amount
Surfeit A large amount of
Infusion To be injected with
Phlegmatic Calm, slow to action
Sanguine Happy
Jaded Worn out
Humdrum Everyday, ordinary
Miffed Angered by something
Pallid No color
Pariah An outcast
Gourmand A person who will eat anything
Tangential Involving tangents
Delineate To make a distinction
Emend To connect/ To fix
Firebrand A zealot
Depose To remove from office or from an area
Demagogue A person who tells people what they want to hear
Malinger To feign sickness in order to avoid work
Acrimony A Bitterness
Assiduous Diligent
Detractor A Nay Sayer
Prosaic Not poetic
Unfetter To free from restraint
Pinioned Chained
Lipchin A central necessity
Munificence A benevolence
Cloying An excessive sweetness
Garish Very bright
Perfidious Filled with treachery
Truculent Pugnacious
Bereave To leave desolate because of death
Resplendent Fancy
Servile Being a slave
Disseminate To give out info
Indefatigable Tireless
Amalgamation A combining of
Affect To show a false image
Enamored In love with/ Impressed with
Outmoded Obsolete
Lewd Dirty, rude, crude
Ribaldry Rowdy, sense of the forbidden
Extraneous Superfluous
Tallow An animal fat
Contention A topic of argument
Lucid Clear
Pellucid Pearl like, White shine
Derelict Negligent
Dilatory Perfunctory
Veneration A deep respect for
Equivocator A person who doesn't take a point of view. Or see both points of
view and is paralyzed by it.
Magnanimity A generosity
Drake A male duck
Cygnet Baby swan
Bough Group of branches off a tree
Gusher A huge sally of fluid
Conflagration A large Fire
Celerity An ability to be done quickly
Benediction A blessing or nice saying about
Opiate An anesthetic
Ensign A type of a banner
Propitiation An appeasement
Vindication The proving of something
Raze Destroy
Rescind To withdraw something
Proselytizing The spreading of one's own ideas
Stoical A person who accepts their fate,. regardless of its outcome
Burgeoning Growing
Avarice A greed
Hillock/Knoll A small hill
Hassock A pillow one can sit on
Jingoism Excessive patriotism
Sedulous Showing diligence
Haughty Snobbish
Obsequiousness Servile
Ingenuous Naive
Expeditiously Moving quickly
Banal Ordinary, everyday
Vainglory State of looking for attention.
Approbation Approval
Hyperbole An exaggeration
Indifferent Not special
Jurisprudence Application and study of law
Consummation A completion of something
Scintillating Exciting, Tingling
Gambol to play
Simmer low degree of boiling
Miser a cheap person
Shoal group of fish
Avarice A cheapness/ Greed
Transmute To change something into another thing
Mendicant Beggar/ liar
Lugubrious Saddened/ Morbid
Mountebank Rascal
Mellifluous Harmonious
Cacophony Inharmonious, hurts the ears
Noisomeness Bad smelling
Euphony Harmony
Tantamount Almost equivalent too
Erudite Scholarly
Sonorous Deep Toned
Tawdry Ordinary undistinguished/lowlife
Tattered torn up
Acrimonious Bitter
Plaintively with sadness
Ravine Where water gushes through and causes erosion
Derrick Something used for drilling
Fletching The feathers on the end of an arrow
Quiver sack of arrows
Haughty Snobby
Quixotic Silly and Daring
Impecunious Without funds
Exculpate To prove not guilty
Placating To appease
Effervescence Bubbly
Chronic Over a long time
Rind Covering of a melon
Weevil Larvae that eats cotton
Guffaw A very loud and annoying laugh
Quaff To chug
Ingenuous Naive
Sluggard An indolent (lazy person)
Mottles spotted
Defoliate To rip the foliage from
Protean The first of something
Immutable can't be changes
Perfidious Full of evil doings
Moral turpitude To be a lowlife
Conciliator nice
Hew To cut wood
Bough Set of branches of a tree (Huge limb of a tree)
Etymology Study of words
Fallow Not developed
Craven Weak
Abatement A reduction
Nubile Eligible for marriage
Specter A Ghost, Sight
Boon A gift
Ribald Suggestive
Umbrage To get angry about
Innocuous Harmless
To Eventuate To result in
Importune Ask urgently
Inchoate In an early stage
Incredulous Skeptical
Propitious Favorable
To Subjugate To Conquer
Surreptitious Accomplished by secret
Incisive Keen
To inveigh To Attack verbally
To Nettle To irritate
To relegate To banish
Sinecure Soft job
Stentorian Loud
Supine Lying on the back
Abrogate To repeal by law
Asperity Bitterness of temper
Complicity Partnership in wrongdoing
To declaim To speak loudly
Epithet Descriptive name
To fetter To hamper
Paragon Model of excellence
To Preclude To Prevent
Rebuff To reject
Abstemious Not desiring alot
Esoteric Not well known
Dogmatic Not open to challenge
Approbation Approval
Furrow Rows of earth made by a plow
Lop Chop
Bungler Someone who makes a mess of stings
Troupe Group of actors
Junta South American Military Dictatorship
Phalanx A triangle of soldiers
Ruddy Reddish
Protract To prolong
Quiescent Calm or quiet
Diminution To make smaller
Excise Cut out
Circumspect Careful, well thought out
Austerity Being thrifty
Synergy Things Happening Together
Stenography Taking dictation
Coddle To protect someone
Prattle Non serious way to talk
Skinflint Thrifty person
Closefisted Thrifty
Miserly Thrifty
Spitfire Someone who is prone to anger.
Concave Bending inward
Convex Bending outward
Ellipsis Omitting a word
Meritorious Deserving merit
Ghastly Gruesome or horrifying
Nihilism Belief that there is no salvation
Distend To sag out or expand
Decadent Living the hedonist lifestyle until decaying
Fecund Fertile
Reconcile To get two parties to agree
Lackadaisical Without serious effort
Extemporaneous Impromptu
Divest Withdraw from
Endow To give money to
Stratagem That which is used to outwit an opponent (part of strategy)
Wonderlust Loving Travel
Quagmire Something that easy to get into but hard to get out of (Quicksand)
Quibble To constantly object over petty things
Delectible Attractive taste










1100 Words Vocab
Replete Soaked in
Steeped Filled with
Laconic Saying very little
Reticent Saying Nothing
Plethora Overabundance
Caustic Bitter
Belligerent Seeking war
Acrimonious Bitter
To Admonish Scold
Egregious Outstanding for undesirable qualities
Pernicious Damaging
Perfunctory Careless
Voluble Talkative
To Flout Show Contempt
Paroxysm Violent Outburst
To Stymie To hinder
Respite Postponement
Ubiquitous Being everywhere at once
Adverse Not favorable
Impresario Organizer
Solicit To seek earnestly
Vexatious Annoying
Virulent Harmful
Doleful Forewarning
Inert Powerless to move
Salient Outstanding
Wan Pale
To Conjecture To Guess
Inundate To Flood
Lurid Sensational
To Obviate To Get Rid of
Phlegmatic Calm
Rash Reckless
Sanguine Hopeful
Anathema A curse
Diatribe Bitter Criticism
Flamboyant Showy
Fortuitous Accidental
Fractious Quarrelsome
Ilk Kind
Jaunty Sprightly
Nominal In name only
Ostentatious Showy
Truncated Cut Short
Altruistic Unselfish
Coterie Small exclusive Group
Cupidity Greed
Cursory Hasty
Progeny Descendants
Virtuosity Great technical skill
Assiduous Attentive
Consummate Perfect, Complete
Fallacious Wrong
Fraught Filled
Subterfuge Deception
Abortive Failing
Buff Fan of
Itinerant Person Going from place to place
Latent Lying hidden
Myriad Countless number
Peregrination Travel
Tortuous Winding
Urbane Polished
Veneer thin covering
To Balk To stop moving
Parsimonious miserly
Profligate Wasteful
Extant Still existing
Maudlin Sentimental
Unabated Without subsiding
Desultory Random
Supplication Prayer
Chimerical Imagined, Mystical
To Demur To object
To palliate To relieve
Recondite Hidden
Inordinate Excessive
Pedagogue teacher
Perspicacious shrewd
Anthropologist One who studies mankind's customs
Entreaty Plea
Aegis Protection, sponsorship
Deplorable Sad, pitiable
Doddering Shaking with old age
Virile Manly
Cogent Persuasive
To Evince To show
To rebuke To reprimand
Terse Brief
Transient ephemeral
Bereft Deprived
To Besmirch To dim the reputation of
To falter To hesitate
Invective Insulting speech
Inveterate firmly established, habitual
Pungent Sharply stimulating
Vitriolic Biting
Bedlam Confusion
Cacophony Loud noise
Equanimity Eveness of mind
Nadir The lowest point
Panacea A Cure-all
Propinquity Nearness in time and place
Adherent Backer of
Banal Trivial
Dilettante Someone who has much interest and little knowledge
Lithe Grace
Pique Fit of resentment
Platitude Overused Cliché
Candor Bluntness
Encumbrance Burden
To Galvanize To excite to action
Idyllic Simple
Preemptor absolute, compulsory
Wheedle Persuade
Anomaly Abnormality
Attenuated Decreased
Concomitant Harmful
Deleterious Attending
Ferment Agitation
Innocuous Harmless
Lassitude Fatigue
Milieu Environment
Ostensible Pretended, outward
Propagate multiply
Strident Rough
Celerity Speed
Menial Degrading
Paltry Petty, worthless
Salubrious Healthful, wholesome
Usurp Seize
Abjure Renounce, abstain from
Allay Soothe
Foment Stir up
Glean Collect, gather
Occult Supernatural, secret
Quarry Something hunted
Reproach Reprimand
Wary Watchful, shrewd
Antiquated Obsolete
Calumny Slander
Commodious Spacious
Cumbersome Burdensome
Fastidious Choosy
Noisome Foul, unwholesome
Pittance Small amount
Unkempt Neglected
Unmitigated As bad as can be
Effrontery Boldness
Equanimity Self control, eveness of mind
Gaunt Thin
Lampoon Ridicule
Mien Appearance
Nonentity One of no importance
Stupor Daze
Vivacious Lively
Whet Stimulate
Acme Zenith
Copious Ample
Ignominious Humiliating
Ingratiate Charm, win confidence
Penury Poverty
Perfidious False
Unsavory Morally Bad
Venial Forgivable
Antipathy Hate
Austere Simple, hard
Conducive Leading, helpful
Erudite Very Scholarly
Germane In close relationship to
Halcyon Calm
Nascent Beginning to develop or exist
Tenable Supportable
Volition Choice, willpower
Capitulate Surrender
Chicanery Trickery
Docile Easy to manage
Facet One side or view of person or situation
Foist Pass as genuine
Glib Smooth of speech
Legerdemain Sleight of hand
Stigmatize To mark with disgrace
Tacit Implied
Tantalize Tease or torment by offering something good
Flay Scold harshly
Opprobrium Insult, scorn
Redress To right a wrong
Staunch Strong
Turpitude Evil
Vituperation Abuse, blame
Cant Insincere talk
Elucidate To make clear
Fatuous Silly
Lassitude Weakness
Umbrage Offense, resentment
Unwieldy Burdensome, uncontrollable
Vilify Slander
Vitiate Destroy the use or value
Advent Coming of an important event
Curry To seek favor by flattery
Insidious Sly, treacherous
Pall Become dull
Proffer Offer for acceptance
Propriety Appropriateness
Satiety Overabundance
Shibboleth Slogan, pet phrase
Spate Rush, flood
Artifice Trickery
Artless Naive
Comely Handsome
Expedient Advisable, fit
Expurgate To remove objectionable parts or passages
Frenetic Frenzied, frantic
Negligible Inconsiderable, trifling
Ameliorate Relieve, improve
Atrophy Waste Away
Criterion Test, standard
Guise Countenance
Largess Gift
Unctuous Affectedly emotional
Vestige Evidence
Canard Supposed
Defamatory Degradation by writing or publishing
Deluge To flood
Dulcet Sweet to the ear
Excoriate Criticize severely
Libel A made-up sensational story
Profuse Abundant
Bagatelle A trifle
Brigand Robber
Callow Young
Emissary Agent
Martinet Strict Disciplinarian
Penchant A strong leaning in favor, inclination
Raiment Dress
Ruminate Ponder
Termagant A scolding woman
Yen Strong desire
Burgeoned Flourished
Dearth Scarcity
Encomium High praise
Factitious Artificial
Internecine Mutually destructive, involving conflict in a group
Nepotism Favoritism towards relatives
Obloquy Disgrace, Shame
Potentate Ruler
Prerogative An exclusive power or right
Prevarication Lying, deviation from the truth
Sophistry False reasoning or argument
Tyro Beginner