Vampires: Fact or Fiction?

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I shall show/tell what facts and opinions that I have gathered through books and websites in this page. My goal is to find out, if vampires exist or if it is an excuse made for those with sick minds. At the bottum of the page I shall include a list of books and websites that I have used to base my thoughts after. You are free to comment on what I have stated by emailing me, if you care to share. I am not saying that what I believe is the truth, just that this is my opinion and none other.

I stay up many nights trying to figure fiction from fact and vice-versa from the vampire tales or myths. Through research, which I have found recently, I have found some types of vampires. I have only been to a few sites as of right now.

*Psychic Vampires or psy-vampires/psi-blood feeders = Vampires which require no blood to survive but take a victim's life force. There are many ways for these vampires to attain the energy from the victim.

*Blood Vamps- = Those who do require blood to survive. -break into two groups

  1. Severe = These vampires require more blood than blood drinkers do or more energy than psi-blood feeders, and more often.
  2. Moderate = These are blood vampires, who do not need as much blood as the Serve vampires, and can go longer without drinking blood.
*Vampyres or Vampyre Lifestylers- = Those who in no way, shape or form need anything to survive. They are normal people, who choose to act and dress as vampires. Sometimes these people live in groups with other vampyres. They tend to decorate their houses in 'Dark Victorian gloom,' and show loyalty to a particular clan.


Back in Time
*Vampirism began back in the 1200's in Eastern Europe. Church representatives were digging up the love ones which were recently dead and staking them through the heart. This was followed by beheading then burning the body.

    A) Reasons for Belief Vampirism

    -If they were born with:
  1. Born in certain times of the year i.e. New Moon or Holy Days.
  2. A third nipple
  3. Having teeth.
  4. Too much hair
  5. White or red hair
  6. A red birthmark
  7. Two hearts
  8. Etc.
  9. Being born the seventh son
  10. Died before Baptism
  11. If while the mother was pregnant, if she was cursed, the child would be cursed to vampirism.
  12. “By renouncing the Eastern Orthodox religion (which is why the peasants may have thought Vlad was a vampire)”
  13. “By being excommunicated by the Greek Orthodox Church”

    B) Being Cursed After Birth

  1. Being bitten seven of more times without dying.
  2. Committing suicide
  3. Involvement in Witchcraft/Sorcery
  4. Eating sheep killed by a wolf
  5. Leading a life such as "Prostitutes, Murderers, Alcoholics, Rapists"
  6. Dying without "Last Rites" being said
  7. Death by violence
  8. Death by drowning
  9. A cat jumping over the corpse or the coffin
  10. A shadow on the corpse
  11. No burial or improper burial rites
One true way to kill/stop the pending vampire was to stake the corpse, destroy the body, then burn it to ash.

By the 1700's:
1. People believed that vampires could walk in the day and not burst into flames. They only hunted and fed at night.
2. Early French settlers brought their wives over, who held luggage in "large wooden casket-like boxes."


Random Vampire Facts
  1. The word vampire was first used back in 1734 meaning that, "The bodies of deceased persons animated by evil spirits, which come out of the graves at night time to suck the blood of many of the living and thereby destroy them."
  2. In 1911 it was used to describe "a woman who intentionally attracts and exploits men"
  3. Vampires in Greece were known to have blue eyes.
  4. In Poland vampires were known to have sharp, pointed tongues.
  5. Coffins were thought to have originally been used to stop animals from digging up the corpse.
  6. The largest time in Europe that everyone was talking, eating, and sleeping vampires was from 1723-1735.
  7. The most impaling by Dracula were done between 1459-1461. This caused Dracula to be known as a “hero,” due to the streets being safe enough to leave a purse in the street and no one to take it.
  8. If you are a vampire, you do NOT need to worship the devil.
  9. There are no known qualities of vampires for one to figure out if he or she is a vampire.
  10. Dreams about vampires, does not mean that the dreamer is one. To know the true specifics to why one would dream about vampires, I would suggest that one looks at books, which help one to determine what their dream meant.
  11. It is split between the "race,” if you will, if they are in fact part of the human race or not.
  12. Some more experienced, or more in tune vampires with their powers, may be able to determine that someone will awaken before they do. However, it is rare.
  13. "Today there are actual occults of 'vampires' that exist. These people drink small amounts of blood from willing victims in keeping with the ancient belief that it will bring power and life.”

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