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HUGE NEWS!!!! Split Wig will seen be going "legit". After the new year, myself(Bonez) and my partner Pugs will be making this an offical offline adventure. The new name will be Iron Fist Promotions. Everything will still remain the same, but we'll be workin mad hard to prmote everyone and everything we can. Holla if your interetsed in helpin out. Peace.-B

Welcome to Split Wig Promotions. Here were tryna help out unsigned hip-hop acts to get noticed. As of now, were just online, that'll last about a month or two hopefully until we can get shit together to push the streets. So if ya wanna get on board early and get some heads turnin here, jus holla at me, or on AIM, my screan name is BonezMalonez. Hope to hear from y'all soon. In the meantime check out some of the artist we promote. You'll find some pics, a lil bio, a link to their sight, and were gonna keep ya updated on the work that there all doin. Aight? Holla. Peace. -Bonez.

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