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Fin.K.L consists of four girls, ages ranging from, years 1979-81. There is Lee Hyori, the leader of the group. Ok Ju Hyun is the lead vocal and Lee Jin and Sung Yuri fill in with the rest of the vocals. Ju Hyun was picked as the first member. She won a singing contest on a radio station, singing Mariah Carey's "Hero." Some top music exec told her that he was looking to form a girl group and she would be the first member. Ju Hyun then introduced her friend, Jin, to the casting director. Jin sang Eco's "Heng Bok Han Na Reul" and got the part right on the spot. Yuri was discovered while drawing art at a park. Then came Hyori, who was discovered while taking sticker pictures. Sticker pictures! (That is why I always take sticker pictures....) Yuri delayed the whole process of forming Fin.K.L because her parents were very reluctant to let her become a singer. Yuri is a very bright student. Her dad is also a professor and wanted her to continue her education. Finally, around January of 1998, they formed Fin.K.L. The name was made up by fans via the Internet in Korea.

Fin.K.L debuted on May 22, 1998. Fin.K.L stands for Fine Killing Liberty. It means that they would do anything to fight for or standing in the way of liberty. People say that Finkl was made to challenge S.E.S., which was true. But remember, Diva was the first successful all girl group. Then S.E.S., Finkl, and now there's damn too many of them. Even with H.O.T. After them came, Sechs Kies, Shin Hwa, Taesaja, OPPA, etc. But Seo Taiji and Boys were the first ones. What is the deal with Korean music and copying each other and American music endlessly? If I was a singer in Korea, I'd make up all of my own stuff. Anyways, getting back.... I used to like S.E.S. at first, but Finkl is waaay better. S.E.S. sound like little pubescent girls while Finkl sound more mature. What I like about all of their songs is that they never mention "love" but you know it's about love. Jin goes to the same church as Yuri. Jin is very "holy." She wakes up at 5:00 A.M. and attends seh byuk ghee doh (morning prayer) with her mom every morning. Yuri volunteers often helping people with cerebal palsy. Ju Hyun always cooks for the group. Hyori just takes care of all of them. They are the nicest people you would ever meet. If you go to your local Korean video store, ask for a show called Kim Gook Jin's Star Docu. It's episode number 11D. Or show number 70. It's a documentary showing everything about them from the beginning up to now. I watched it like, ten times. It's beautiful.

They debuted with the first song, Blue Rain, a slow R&B type of song. It was popular but not as popular as their second song, Neh nam jah chin goo eh geh. This hit #1 everywhere. This song skyrocketed them to stardom and they became famous all over Korea. I really don't know why they don't sing more songs like this. Fast beat and catchy songs. They cried like babies when this went number one. They thanked ha nah nim. Their third song, Ruby, also went #1. Finkl frequently dressed in all black singing Ruby. They "popularized" the black look even more in Korea.