Matt Ghabel


Pluses: funny, lots of hamburger patties, watches discovery channel, randomness

Minuses:  poor, scares girls away, dirty, stupid brother, poor, no car, tells me to race every single person on the road

How you got on the team: I have a lot of money.

Favorite skater: zadock orwa or eric koston

Favorite video: rds

Favorite smell: anything dirty (krunk juice)

Favorite music: anything dirty

Why Ryan's fat: because he's dirty and he likes it

How many times you've been kicked off so far: I've been kicked off so many times I haven't even been on or something

Flavor of marker you like to smell: zadock looks at me and says black

Favorite Food: asian, cuz its always fresh

Why you're cool: because im not cool

Nicknames you want: juvie, matt, nice-ass ghabel, dirty, krook, soy sauce, dirty the dirt

Person on the team you could beat up the easiest: sagar (aka richard simmons)

Goal in life: i dont know (matt burps multiple times)

Girl Status: I'm taken probably 90% of the time, so better take your chances ladies ( gay smiley face drawn after that)

Anything else you want to say:

I like pretty girls and I wish I was cool