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F T I movement

M.S.C. Music & Entertainment, Strange Music and Tech N9ne have decided it is time to change the music industry. The industry as we know it is close to dead. The major labels would like to blame you, the consumer, for the decline in record sales. This is a typical reaction for the major labels because they are not willing to take responsibility for putting out crap music. The reality is that file sharing has given you, the fan, an opportunity to sample the music before wasting your hard earned money on lousy records. The internet has given music buyers your own personal listening station at home and the major labels can no longer fool the consumer. They don't want you to sample their music because they know that if the fans realize that there are only 2 good songs on a record, you will not buy it. This is one of the reasons why the major labels are fighting the file sharing companies. We support you, as the fan, to download TECH N9NE's record, ABSOLUTE POWER because we believe in our product. We are spending the time and money to develop an artist from the ground up because, WE BELIEVE IN GOOD MUSIC! Unfortunately, the major labels have monopolized and ruined the radio and video platforms for all independent labels. We cannot get radio support which means you are not going to see our video. We refuse to operate in this system. WE HAVE HAD IT!!!! We are starting a movement called F.T.I. (FUCK THE INDUSTRY). We want to prove to the major labels and the R.I.A.A. that they are responsible for the current climate of the music business and NOT you. We believe in giving our record away for free because if you like it, we believe that you will buy it and support the artist. In addition to the CD, there is a full length 70 minute DVD and 7 extra tracks in our ABSOLUTE POWER package that you will find at your local music retailer. It is very important to us that you realize that we respect you and your hard earned money. To put our money where our mouth is, we have decided to take our radio and video budget and spend it on a television campaign that will launch the F.T.I. movement. We will run our commercial on several cable stations and national networks. The commercial is TECH N9NE introducing a song entitled INDUSTRY IS PUNKS and he asks the viewer to go to his website, and download his record. TECH is wearing an F.T.I. shirt with no explanation of what F.T.I. means. When you go to download the record for free you will be introduced to the F.T.I. movement by clicking on the F.T.I. link on the site. If what we are telling you makes sense and you are one of the many consumers downloading music, join TECH N9NE, M.S.C. and Strange in the F.T.I. movement. It's so important that you as a music buyer and you as a TECH N9NE fan spread the word that YOU HAVE HAD IT! Make it known that you demand major labels, radio stations and video outlets to respect and treat you as a legitimate music fan and allow good music and real talent to be heard and seen. We, collectively are the voice of the new industry and TECH is the spokesperson. The success of this movement depends on you helping us. Go to chat rooms, tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends, join the e-street team, e-mail this information to every real music fan you know. We have crazy, fun plans that we'll want you to participate in but we love feedback so talk to us and let us know what's happening in your city and what you want to do. We're down for all suggestions. Stay tuned in - when you join the TECH N9NE e-team, you're officially joining the movement and you will get updates and missions (that includes great prizes for participation) on TECH N9NE and F.T.I. movement. Real fans support real artists so speak up and be heard. Spread the word