Now redefined deadly
this is a game that you can't win

ballistic frame of mind in the design
going to town, on this deadly exchange
deranged, nightmare insane
sadistic sight, just a game
riding the tide for local status
fame for blame, on this deadly exchange

spin the bottle
or give up the crown
the sands of time
are falling to the sound
of slapstick magic
and swapping licks
of all the shit we could have done
we just had to do this

we're cheap. we're sheep
it all seemed so impossible
without a doubt, we can't be held responsible

The Collective

Corporation vs. The Social Mega-beast

This is survival of the richest.
Hail those that profit the quickest.
Each empire must battle The Beast;
Gain the most by giving the least.
Marketing wages, a brutal war.
Share holders are keeping score.
The brokers are keeping more.
Who do you work for?

Primetime.. Goldmine.
Define.. Divine.
Synthetic shrine.
Lengthen the line.

The Collective

Decimal Two

Swarms mirror actions.
Measured in fractions.

Compiled composites of the whole, split and divided.
Mangled pieces exposed.

Broken down to population,
all just fractions, redefined.

Manufacture the palace lines.

Two from from ten to comprehend.
Then rounded to the nearest end.
With only a fucking game of roulette to decide,
how each one will die for the hive

The Collective

Passing the Polygraph

Scapegoat, smooth-talkin' liar for hire
set him on fire, pacify the hoard, commence with greed
how many heads can this puppet fuck feed?

podium=your polygraph

the will of the beast and the direction it contorts
only confined by the flesh it distorts
bending the way of the weight it supports

synthetic plastic smile
white washed window shade
anything to get paid
filtering truth
from fake flawless teeth
schooled in the art
the art of deceit

The Collective

Tell Tale Tortures(not yet recorded)

Truth be concealed
although it was never said
and will die with its container

A human ern barely living,
soiled and black on the inside
forever damned to lie

Disembowelment could offer salvation
blood runs thick and slowly through darkness
feet will bleed walking a path of broken glass
until the end simply waiting on time to pass

have it, love it, fuck it, die with it
devourment of the living
the gift that keeps on giving

The Collective

We The People

We the people of the United States,
in order to form a more perfect union,
will be bred to fuel this massive machine.
Living to die; slave in the mean.

Batteries made from flesh and bone.
A simple fester of idle drone.

Speak of "rights".
Speak in rhymes.
Repeat the same line ten thousand times.
Now hypnotized, lingering on every word, anything to sedate the herd.
With justice for "all"
(all the wealthy)
Sacrifice the weak; work harder the healthy.

The Collective

White Light Conveyor Belt

Flip the switch, come on!
Give me your 40 watts.
Shine some dumb light on me.
of fictional co-complexity.
A morphine reality; an immortal fantasy.

De-evolution must be creeping;
their mutant hands meet in symmetry.
Paralleled to the heavens that be,
cattle addled with profound conceit.
Blind, yet self-proclaimed elite.

Knowledge becomes The Beast.
Need not adversity:
a race of man soon to be the minority.
From brains to broth, mind set to sloth;
a living loss, o'holy moths.

The Collective

Welcome to City Airlines

oi! oi! oi!

mayday! mayday! mayday!

I regret to inform you
but we're now heading south
and with great momentum
our destination the ground
first class twisted metal parcel
pre-packaged peanut packs and puke sacks
duty free special delivery
to end your self inflicted misery

you're gonna need protection...
you're gonna need our protection.

sandwich generation whipping boy
consumed by one in a million
powerless to this reverse angle of attack

whats your flight life prospectus?

The Collective