corporation vs. the social mega beast

This is survival of the richest
hail those that profit the quickest
each empire must battle the beast
gain the most by giving the least
marketing wages a brutal war
share holders are keeping score
the brokers are keeping more
who do you work for

primetime goldmine
define devine
synthetic shrine
lengthen the line

The Collective

decimal two

swarms mirrored actrions
measured in fractions

compiled composites of the whole
split and devided
mangles pieces exposed

broken down to population
all just fractions redefined
realign, manufacture the palace lines

two from from ten to comprehend
then rounded tro the nearest end
with only a fucking game
of roulette to decide
how each one will die for the hive

The Collective

glass eyed witness

Before me I spy vanity
here is where the plot unfolds...

frames tick slowly by the lense
starlet of my dissentions intentions
a whore theat I must improve
must clense

hither, come hither
come hither ho
fetch me my long sward

with tits bared
and an ever ready cunt
I am prepared as well
to begin the hunt

she's down
on her knees
she'll soon be
dripping on me

come hither ho
fetch me my long sward
the chase presses onward

Jack Numen

we the people

we the people of the united states
in order to form a more perfect union
will be bred to feul this
massive machine, living to die
slave in the mean

batteries made from flesh and bone
a simple fester of idle drone

speak in rights
speak in rhymes
repeat the same line
ten thousand times
now hypnotized
lingering on every word
to sedate the heard
and justice for all
all the wealthy
sacrifice the weak
work harder the heathy

The Collective

white light conveyer belt

flip the switch, come on!
give me your 40 watts
shine some dumb light on me
of fictional co-complexity
a morphine reality
an immortal fantacy

de-evolution must be creeping
their mutant hands meet in symetry
parralleled to the heavens that be
cattle addled with profound conciet
blind yet self proclaimed elite

knowledge becomes the beast
need not adversity, a race of man
soon to be the minority
from brains to broth
mind set to sloth
a living loss
o'holy moths

The Collective

more by Jack Numen commin soon!

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