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Can You Keep A Secret...

Friday, 30 July 2004

yawn good morning
its like 9:50 am right now.goodness gracious! my papa(grandfather) was cleaning out the hot tub thats in his house, and he slipped and fell in, and he ses that the thinks he broke ribs:-/ i hope not! im sceeerrrrrddd. im going to the movies with kristen today, to see the village, my mom sed that i could only go if everything works out with papa i think:^( hmm... and then kristen might spend the night at my house and guys like my baby dwil might come over:-D and then we're sneakin out through my window, haha and we're gonna have guys chyllin on my trampoline, my mom dusnt care if guys come over, no big deal to her. but drinking coca cola right now, and its hurting my stomach cus i really dont drink cokes ne more, they're bad for you. me and dwil had a very useful conversation last night about being together. cuz i dunno i thought that he didnt wanna be with me for some reason and hes like "yes i do!" and so i was like awww ok:-D lol. i keep sending faxes to kristen! lol. and then she sends some back. :-D. oh she just signed on. haha kristens my mistress! lol(a mistress is a girl who a guy/gurl has an affair with)so sorry dwil! lol just kidding. yeah, i sent her a fax about my papa:( and shes like aw why is he going? kristens so nice (when she wants to be). haha i just noticed that i kno her fax number, but not her cell number... ahh my tummy hurts:-/ but the coke is desk is messy with all these papers skattered around.lemme clean it up brb:-D. okiedoke im back. alllll better now. hmm... well hmmm gtg now :^).

Posted by ill/shh_be_quiet at 8:59 AM MDT
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Thursday, 29 July 2004

okiedoke. im at work again and it is approximatly hmm.... 2:00 in the afternoon. ahh dwil just signed on.yay.< i unno today i feel all luvy duvy. ne ways.haha me n kristen keep sending eachother faxes. geeks! yes we are geeks and i reallllly dont care....wait no we cant be geeks, cus geeks are sssmmmmaaaaarrrttttt, duh! hmm. dwil just signed off. ne ways. goodness, i busted my finger in the chair:( and the stupid chair keeps on SHOCKING ME GUR.:-) haha frankie thinks he's kooler than me! pshhh! yeah, okay.oh yeah im getting my physical today. this is wut selena boe beena replied to when i asked her what she would describe me as: MuNcHaCruNcH86: kirsten
thats the best one yall guys.:-Dhaha. now she ses
MuNcHaCruNcH86: sexxxxxxxxxxxxy
oh yeah, better!
frankies stupid! BLAH.

BlackAtsMeow767: ur a freak!
Gu1trp14yr18: ok
Gu1trp14yr18: thanks
Gu1trp14yr18: im gonna go cry now
BlackAtsMeow767: awwwwww dont cry
BlackAtsMeow767: without me seeing that joyful moment!
Gu1trp14yr18: im cryin
Gu1trp14yr18: very funny
Gu1trp14yr18: now im mad
BlackAtsMeow767: oooooo im so scared, im shakin like a salt shaker.
BlackAtsMeow767: not
Gu1trp14yr18: good
Gu1trp14yr18: u should be
Gu1trp14yr18: mwahahaha
BlackAtsMeow767: oh yes. vedi vedi scedi.

well hum. gtg

Posted by ill/shh_be_quiet at 1:24 PM MDT
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Wednesday, 28 July 2004

Hi its me again.I am home now. Hmmmm... i think im gonna name a couple of bands that i like...nvrmnd, dont want to anymore. blah. but ne wayz....i feel like i have downsindrum or sumthing, im moving, and thinking all slllooowwwwllllyyy. hmm....dwizzle tickles my heartizzlee<3. aw dwil ur pretty kool nigga. dang, everyone already knows! i was talkin to gabe and im all "yeah aw dude im with dwil!" and hes all "i know." im like wth! how!. i think everyones just spyin on meh;^) juuuust kiddin,good news travels fast i guess. ummm....... im listening to Down To Earth Approach: Exhibit of the year. And how about you...wut r you listening to.....probably the akward silences of death coming near....i always have to have sum kind of noise, might it be the screaming of my baby brother, or the tapping of my foot, or the clitter clatter of my fingers on the keyboard, or the click of the computer mouse. Silence just plain freaks me out. I dunno why, actually i do, bcus im weird. hhmmm....well ne ways. what do you think about Saves The Day....theyre pretty kool i guess. Aw, and the Get Up Kids.wutvr, um. blah, did you know im mentally demented, im serious bcus i have visions in my head about killing ppl and i always kept it a secret then one night i popped and told my mom that i had visions of killing everyone in there sleep...and it was the truth and then she got freaked out and now she thinks im pshyco which i wouldnt deny if i was. hmm... email me at :-D blah, well im on the phone with toria:-D

Posted by ill/shh_be_quiet at 6:01 PM MDT
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Hello There
Aw, my behbeh dwil.:-D lol. how awesome is that. hmm im at work right now. and this is my first entry or wutver.selena was there when dwil asked me out:-D lol. special moment.hmm...selena and valeria shall someday meet Freeway my cat. haha. yup. i dont wanna break up dwil. so if we do, ill kill you. jk.
well theres nuthin else to talk about s0o0o0o0
ill cyal8r,
-<3-Kirsten, dwils one and only.

Posted by ill/shh_be_quiet at 9:24 AM MDT
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