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Monday |September 20th,2003 | Lovin'-Talib Kweli- Get By

One of my close friends was telling me about this theroy that they go by,the theroy was so interesting that i decided to share.It's called Seasons, Reasons, and Lifetimes.These theories explain people that you meet.First off seasons,the name is pretty self explanatory but these are people that come into you life for no purpose at all,they dont stick around very long thier pretty much someone to just waste time with,people you rarely or never think about.Seasons usually are ex boyfriends/girlfriends or even some suposely friends.Next you have the reasons,reasons are people sent into your life to show you something,to open your mind, they arent around forever but their around long enough for you to remember them forever.Reasons are usually your first love, or close friends that you had through your teenage years that either moved away or went off to college.And last but not least we have lifetimes,lifetimes are self explanatory too, these are the people that have always been their since day one and will be thier til the end. Lifetimes are usually family members or close friends that you condsider family.And they will always be here for you no matter what.That's pretty much sums it up. I know that everyone can relate to this topic and I know that everyone has people that fall into these catergories and we also fall into these catergories,But hey thats life. But i'm out of here like i never came 1. ..