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September 29, 2003

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Why choose our service?

 Welcome to The Slow Internet Service you'll love to hate.  We aren't a full-service internet provider, as a matter of fact were barely an internet service. Based in Chico, we are one of the first companies to have a data center with unreliable power, slow connectivity, and act like were the only ISP in the region.  

We offer 9600bps unlimited access as low as $9.95 per month with no setup or activation fees.  With patronizing technical support and slow connectivity, we offer unmatched service at an affordable price. We support both Macintosh and PC systems.

Pay Annually for only $11119.40/year! ($999.95/month )

Messages of the day(MOTD)
2003-09-13 - server upgrade
Our hosting systems were all upgraded w/ RedHat 9 today; this gives us the worst Linux host yet. We don't know Unix.

2003-08-21 - network down at night
Our service doesn't even work at night during busy hours

2003-08-12 - phone system move
No more phones! We do not answer our phones, sure we have a number, but you won't get through!

New Location
We are moving our current offices to 200 Airpark Blvd Ste4B at the Chico Technology Center on August 4th. We don't even have a T3 line yet, so you can't expect our service to be fast!

We're hiring!
We are hiring for sales positions & part-time tech support. See Jobs Available.

MemberTools Control Panel
MemberTools has been in development for some time, you can now login and print out your payments, add-email boxes, and use our pc virus scanner. Use your primary username and password to login. Go to MemberTools.

More Virus-Scanning Protection
We have added yet more virus protection; implementing 3 virus scanners to check your incoming and outgoing e-mail.   We are currently using qmail defender, clam scanner, and enterprise antivirus.  If you think you have a virus on your machine, please download some free virus-scanning tools from

See our antivirus statistics here.
Web Hosting
Need a website? We offer domain hosting ( ) for an additional $8.00/month when added to your dial-up account.

Why In Detail
Slow connections - 9600bps compliant - Unlimited Access
Virus Filtering for no extra cost.
Spam Filtering at no extra cost.
Low rates - For low end users
Personal customer support
Professional Business Web Hosting
High bandwidth - Redundant Connections
No busy signals. We have reserve modem pools. PC and Mac compatible.

Click Here to Order Service

Student Specials at $13.95 per month with valid CSU ID for basic dialup service.
Save a whopping whole dollar !

New Facility
Our new facility has a built in toilet. This allows us to have use the restroom more often.

We also offer service in Redding, Tehama County, Paradise, Oroville, Orland, Chico Yuba City/Marysville and all of California.  And as of November 2002, Nationwide Service. 

Contact: ME This website is not affiliated with
Phone: (530)342-7777 or (865)DLX-BOST ( TOLL FREE )

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