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All About Me
Kinda Boring, skip this section

Where to start? Well, i guess ill do the whole survey thing. The only problem is that gets boring so i'll break it up into segments. With an interval of explanation and such, so here we go...

Name: Robb Andrews
Age: 18
Date of Birth: June 7, 1985
Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL (Northwest Suburbs of Chicago)
College Town: Milton, MA (7 miles south of Boston)
College: Curry College
Year In School: Freshman

Well, thats the basics. Now for some more important stuff. Hobbies, Interests, Activites, School, etc...

Major: Criminal Justice
Minor: Substance Abuse Counseling
Hobbies: Poker, Pool, Poetry, Music, Movies, Website Design
Activities: Campus Activity Board (CAB), Curry Radio (WMLN 91.5 FM - Boston & South Shore)

I guess now ill go into my favorites. Bands, movies, people, etc... This is gonna be in "top 5" format.

Top 5 Bands - No Particular Order
1) The Doors
2) Bush
3) A Perfect Circle
4) Boston
5) Rage Against The Machine

Runner Ups - Once again, not in order:
6) Godsmack
7) Deftones
8) Sublime
9) Pantera
10) Bob Seeger

Top 5 Movies - No Particular Order
1) Dont Be a Menace To South Central While Drinkin Your Juice In The Hood
2) Donny Darko
3) Boondock Saints
4) American History X
5) Bowling For Columbine

Top 5 Foods - Order? Nope!
1) Fettuccini Alfredo
2) Grill Cheese
3) Gyros
4) General Gao's / Orange Chicken
5) Turkey, Cheese, Mayo, and Mustard Sandwhich

Top 5 Drinks - Dont even ask about organization!
1) Water
2) Apple Juice
3) Brisk
4) Chocolate Brownie (Starbucks Drink)
5) Coffee

Okay, those are my favorites so ya know. Now lemme see where to go from here...Family.

Mother - Denise
Occupation - Lawyer
Place of Occupation - Allstate Insurance
Hobbies - Shopping and decorating for holidays

Step Father - Charles (Chuck, Chucky, Chuckles)
Occupation - Who knows anymore
Place of Occupation - Allstate Insurance
Hobbies - Hunting and Playing Pool

Sister - Deanna
Age - 20
Occupation - Student
School - Columbia College - Chicago
Hobbies - Hanging Out

Step Brother - Charles (Charlie)
Age - 19
Occupation - Student
School - University of Illinois (U of I) - Champaign
Hobbies - Poker, Computers, Swimming, Frat.

Step Sister - Susan
Age - 16
Occupation - Student
School - Beats-the-hell-outta-me High (BTHOMH)
Hobbies - Driving, boys, shopping

Okay, i dont feel like going through my whole family, so thats just my immediate family. Dont worry gramma B and D ill make sure i get you in there. Watch out for the camera this summer. Okay, now for friends and just people im always around. If i left you out i apologize now, it either means i dont like you or just forgot. Sorry.

Friends - Jay, Katie, Double Stuff (Danielle), Alex, Sam, Chris, Jarmy, Mari, Gina, Dan, Ryan, Aaron, Nototron (Jonny), Cory

Girlfriend - Katie (Baby, Cooter, Babe, Cutie, Shnookums, Butter Ball, etc...)

Roommate - B-Rab - John

Chucks Crew - Bruce, Mike, Don, Big Al, whoever else they've recruited since i left.

Moms Crew - Mary and Monica - 2 most beautiful woman in the world i must say!

Well, thats all i feel like getting into right now. If you wish to know more feel free to post in my guestbook, send me an IM, or email me. With that, i close this section and am going to bed since its midnight and i got class at 8:30. Plus its Valentines Day weekend, so i gotta get some beauty rest for my baby. Peace.