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Where Have You Been? - February 13, 2004

Heres a map for anyone interested in where i have been in the U.S. So you know the red is all states i have been to. Whether it be for a night, for weeks, for months, for years. Hell, some are even for hours (Rhode Island for example). Well, as i stated in my live journal, i need to head out west (northwest) a little more. But hey, its been fun and i got lots of years to make it to some other kewl places i wanna check out. 

Places I Wanna Go:

Funny Shit Section Updated - February 13, 2004

Thanks Mark for the wonderful updates. You Rock! By the way, here's a little sample...


Website Complete! - February 13, 2004

Done! I am done, finally. By the way, this section is for news and updates. If you havent figured that out. I have finished my about me section. It's just the basics and as it says, if you wish to know more feel free to contact me. Hope you all enjoy. Ill try to keep this site updated as much as possible. My next update should be after Valentines Day weekend with an update on the weekend. Which is gonna be totally sweet. Ill tell you how everything went once its over, i dont want Katie to find out and ruin the surprise.

- Robb

Website Updated! - February 13, 2004

Okay, i dunno why i do it, but whenever im bored i tend to find myself making websites. Well, since i couldnt find anything that im really enthusiastic and educated about i figured id just update mine. So check it out, take a look around. Everything is pretty much complete except the "About Me" section. I am still working on a way to make it look good, so gimme some time and ill get workin. Also i apologize for the banner on the site. I got free a few years ago, but fortunecity puts some shitty ad banner at the top, and ive spent the last hour tryin to get rid of it. So, for the time being, and possibly forever you may have to deal with the banner. Sorry guys. Also check out the site i did a few days ago for the Curry College Radio Station, Click Here.

- Robb

Website Construction Underway - February 12, 2004

Website construction is well underway. If found this totally badass template and decided to update my website. More to cater to my personality instead of all the darks. Also im really bored and needed something to do instead of homework. Hopefully i can keep ontop of updates for this. I also think im gonna add more sections instead of just about me. Maybe some links to other stuff, some jokes, etc...Also i dont have the webcam anymore so that's no longer available. Sorry guys. I also aded message boards and a Guestbook so i know who visited my site.

Well, i hope you enjoy the updates. Check back soon for even more.

- Robb