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What's New!!!

 - Large Arboreal Cage
 - Mini Cage
 - Space Saver Edition
 - Keyed Locks!
 - Customize your cage to fit your individual needs.
 - Cage Hooks
- Buy HerpVite and RepCal in bulk!
 - Bearded Dragon Food
- UVB lighting




Why Choose Precision Caging?

- Superior Quality
- Unmatched Guarantee
- NEW Unbreakable Hinges and Low Profile Latches, not clunky like other brands
- More Affordable than other brands
- Easily Maintained Humidity
- Lightweight and Stackable
- Uses less than 1/4 the energy of glass terrariums


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Two new models and the space saver line now available!

Coming Soon: Black Cages!!!

Our cages are crafted of high impact plastic and welded to provide unparalleled quality. All of the cages are stackable and incredibly lightweight. The white plastic and clear hinges and handles make for an exceptional showpiece, while internal lighting provides a broad spectrum of heating options. Each model features ventilation on the back wall with welded mesh for added security. After years of having to work with glass terrariums, awkward wood enclosures, and expensive synthetic cages, we decided to create our own. Perfect for virtually any type of reptile or amphibian. We are pleased to offer these fine enclosures to you.

"Precision Cages are by far the best cages for serious reptile breeders ,tough, light weight, stackable and attractive!"

Mike Spears, Owner of Sapphire Dragon Ranch


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