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PWE is currently Recruiting Roleplayers and Staff Members. Be one of the Elite!





Will be up soon. Got a Fed? Want to advertise something? E-mail Prez Twoey.






24th September -
Ok, there is more info up about our alliance with an interfed. click IRW on the PWE menu box. I'm lazy and I've only put the link on this page for now. I will get round to changing the other pages, honest! Anyway, check that out as it is BIG news for you guys.

24th September -
No major news today, but it's good to update. Nothing I hate more than seeing long periods without some news.

Anyway, more discussions have been made with IRW. Expect the full story on that soon. I'm still waiting on 3 members to confirm they are joining now. Before PWE starts, I need to know I have a roster big enough to carry PWE until we have more members. I Appreciate everyones patience in this time. Also note I Will not be here Thursday and Friday as I'm going to London. Hopefully I'll have members confirmed and the card up by then so you guys can get going. heres to hoping. Oh, and tell your friends about PWE ;)

More news: I recently wrote a match for another fed. When they post thier card tonight (coz its a spoiler for one of our members) I shall put it on the RP board, so you guys can get a feel of what kind of matches to expect.

22nd September -
PWE welcomes new talent 'Jared Shannon' to the ranks. That brings us up to 7. I am now waiting on 2 more applicants to confirm and then I will anounce the first Card.

PWE spoke to an interfed organsiation recently. It would involve Bi-monthly PPV's where you will compete with members of other feds. For now they are still in thier setting up stages, so more info on that as I get it. IF it gets off the ground well, it will give PWE more exposure and a larger playing field for you guys.

21st September -
The roster is now up to 6! PWE welcomes 'The Highlight Reel' Paul Epton to the ranks. Keep watching this space for more additions.

21st September -
Ok, in order that PWE does not stagnate while we wait for more talent and so that you guys don't get bored waiting, If anyone would like a match in the near future, use the OOC board to request a match. If anyone is interested, I will knock up a mini-card. This also gives you all a chance to see what level of quality to expect from PWE matches. Use the boards people!

20th September -
The Line-up page has now been added detailing information about the first two cards that PWE will hold. Also PWE has signed 'Rexx Calibur'. The roster is now a confirmed 5.

20th September -
Well, the tough task of recruiting is still continuing and I hope we get a large enough roster to start soon as I know I for one am eager to get this show on the road. PWE offered a D Division contract to 'X-Dogg' yesterday. We need confirmation before we add him to the ranks. There has been quite a bit of interest shown in PWE and we hope that turns into applications. Can those now on the roster sign up for the message boards and post a short hello so we know you are still on board. Anyone with questions add me to your MSN. you'll find me as: the_odium

17th September -
Well, seems like the hard slog of promotion is paying off. PWE would like to Welcome 'Psycho BoB' to the roster. Rookie 'Fraz Stark' has also signed up in the 'D' Division. After 2 days, the roster is up to 4. Roster page has been updated, and bio's added.

16th September - Policy, Rules, Join, Roster and Staff sections are up. The rest of the site is being made and will be up shortly. The Message Board is also open now. PWE would like to welcome it's latest assest though, Clark Mercury, bringing PWE's roster up to two!

15th September
- PWE site is officially open! Yeah it's isn't it? I'm currently getting to grips with Dreamweaver so once I've cracked that baby, we get a better site. until get much Green.

Now comes the trying time of waiting for talent. This is always the hardest thing in running a fed, so PWE is calling YOU to join. PWE is a high quality fed with a weekly Card. All cards are in full color HTML. Certain aspects of PWE are a little different to your usual run of the mill E-fed. Check out 'Policy' to see why.

PWE needs roleplayers of all kinds. New to E-fedding? Feel like you can't commit much time to it or feel like you need improving? No sweat, PWE has the 'D' Division. This division will start off with one Title up for grabs and that title can be a gateway into the Big League.

Depending on your sample Roleplay, you will be offered a place in one of the divisions. If you are offered or want a place in PWE-D, help is on hand to improve your roleplaying abilitys if you want it.

PWE will be like no other Fed you've been in, and for you Newbies, it will be the last one you ever need.

I have high hopes for this fed and have the time and dedication needed to make it work. One man operations are always tricky, so luckily we have Commish Koop on hand to help out. I'm also looking for a Vice Prez to be a card writer and input decisions on roleplaying. Check the Staff page for details.

Prez Twoey



Prez Twoey
Commish Koop


South West:

UK National:


Pure Prospect:

Clark Mercury
Psycho BoB
Rexx Calibur
Paul Epton
Jared Shanon

PWE 'D' Division
'Flyin' Ryan Kidd
Fraz Stark

PWE will have its first card after we have 8 active members.

The first 8 signed will be in a tournament for the PWE World Title.











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