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Welcome to our site, we are a counter-strike clan from Portland, Oregon. We are a LAN (Local Area Network) clan which means we are all local. We will be signing up for CAL soon, but we also play in local tournaments. Our players must live in the Portland Metro area and must have SOME Cyberathletic Amatuer League Experience. We generally take members of CAL-IM++/M++ EXP over others because they know what it's like playing in a more competitive league.

This webpage was created by me, SparX. I am currently in the process of selling other templates//websites//graphics. If you are interested email me @ s0cial_0utkast@hotmail.com about pricing. Friends//Family//And other special ppl get discounts. *But Nothing is free ;)*

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Name: SparX
Date: October 25, 2003

Message: I have updated the site. We now have an online division...im gonna be gettin all that info up soon, but we now have a demo available to download! YIPPE! Go To Demos and DL IT RIght Away, A Better Download Link Will Be Up Soon!

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