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MGS3: Snake Eater Intro

The text of this intro came from footage of the official demo that was played at the 2004 E3.  You can find that footage here.  It is of low resolution, has no sound, and skips through some of the conversations, so I went through bit-by-bit to make it easier to read.


[A shot of the title screen.  The camera is off-center, so you can't see the whole thing.  It says METAL GEAR SOLID 3 Snake Eater, and below that is says Trial Version.  The background is an upwards look at the trees.]

[It is dark outside as a plane flies through the clouds]

8:30 AM August 24, 1964 Pakistani air space

Pilot: Flying over Pakistan, altitude 30,000 feet.  …  Approaching Soviet airspace.

Instructor: Twenty minutes to dropoff…  Commencing internal depressurization.

[Snake sits on a bench, smoking a cigar.  His instructor stands next to him.]

Instructor: Put out that cigar.  [He walks over to a control panel]  Connecting oxygen hose to interior connector…  Put on your mask…

[Snake continues to sit, smoking his cigar]

Instructor: [Speaking by radio to the control room] Does this guy know what he’s doing?

Pilot: Approaching release point.

Instructor: [Turns to Snake] Ten minutes to dropoff.

[The Major stands in the control room behind a young woman sitting at the controls]

Major: [Speaking to Snake by radio] Hey!  Are you deaf?  He said put out the cigar and put on your mask!

[Snake sighs, shaking his head, and flicks the cigar to the floor.  He puts his mask on]

Instructor: Depressurization complete.  Checking oxygen supply.  …  Six minutes to dropoff!  Opening rear hatch!

[The rear hatch of the plane slowly opens as morning light fills the room. The men’s clothes flap in the wind]

Snake: Sunrise…

Instructor: External temperature, minus 46 degrees Celsius.  …  Two minutes to dropoff…  Stand up.

[Snake stands and slowly makes his way to the center of the room]

Instructor: You’ll be falling at 130 miles per hour.  Try not to get frostbite from the wind chill.  …  One minute to dropoff...  Move to the rear.  …  Activate bailout bottle.

Major: This is one for the history books: the world’s first HALO jump.

[Snake steps on his cigar and puts it out]

Instructor: Ten seconds to dropoff… standby.

[Snake continues to walk towards the opening]

Instructor: Status OK, all green!  …  Prepare for dropoff…  Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Major:  Spread your wings and fly!  God be with you!

[Snake leans forward and falls out of the rear of the plane.  He spins forward as he falls, tucking in his knees to spin faster.  He straightens out and falls toward the camera, the plane disappearing in the sky above him.]

[Fade to a black screen with the letters “Directed by  HIDEO KOJIMA”]

[Fade back to the clouds as Snake continues to descend.  He spreads out his arms and bends his knees back in traditional skydiver fashion]

Major: [Speaking through radio] Listen up, Jack.  Your mission is to infiltrate Tselinoyarsk, a mountainous area in Soviet territory, ensure the safety of Sokolov, and bring him back to the West.

[Snake continues to freefall]

Major: If we don’t get Sokolov back before that weapon is complete, we’ll be facing a crisis of unprecedented proportion.  The clock is ticking.

[Snake pulls a string on his backpack and his parachute opens up]

Major: Once we’ve confirmed the rescue of Sokolov, stand by at the recovery point.  A recovery balloon will be dropped at that point.  Helium will be pumped into the balloon to inflate it.  The process takes about 20 minutes…  Once it’s complete, the gunship’s arm will latch onto the balloon and pull it up.

Snake: The Fulton Surface-To-Air Recovery System.  I’m familiar with the theory.

Major: Exactly.  This will be the first time it’s used in combat.

Snake: Do you think Sokolov’s up to it?

Major: The shock will be less than during a parachute jump.  And the arm can handle up to 500 pounds.

Snake: So, you’re planning on going over the border in a single Combat Talon?

Major: She’s equipped with two 6-barrel 20 millimeter Vulcan cannons as well as two 40 millimeter machine guns.

Snake: Sounds like she could hold her own against a battalion of tanks.

Major: Even with the fuel in the reserve tank, we’re facing a 4-hour time limit…  If all goes well, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

Snake: Home in time for dinner.

Major: But if anything goes wrong…  You’ll be eating dinner, breakfast, and all the rest of your meals in the jungle.

[The Major and the woman at the controls nod to one another]

[Snake falls into the trees.  He hits a branch that rips off his backpack.  Snake unhooks himself from the parachute and lands in a crouching position.  He looks up and slowly rises.  He detaches a container from his belt (apparently his oxygen) and removes his altimeter from his right arm, dropping it to the ground.  Finally, he removes his mask.  He then runs behind a tree, crouches down on one knee, flicks a switch on his chest (apparently his radio) and puts his finger to his left ear, where wires run to a headphone]

[We then see the new screen that replaces the codec.  Snake’s full body can be seen crouching in the background, while the text appears in front of him.  A black and white picture of the Major can be seen in the top-left corner of the screen.  The frequency is 140.85]

Major: Do you copy?  You’re already in enemy territory, and someone might be listening in.  From here on out, we’ll be using code names to refer to each other.  Your code name for this mission will be Naked Snake.  I’ll be referring to you as Snake from now on.  You are not to mention your real name.

Snake: “Snake”?

Major: You don’t like snakes?

Snake: What do you mean?

Major: You’ve eaten one before, haven’t you?

Snake: In survival training.

Major: I’m glad to hear that.

Snake: I don’t know if I’d ever order one in a restaurant, but…

Major: Be careful.  You might not have a choice.

Snake: What about you, Major?  What should I call you?

Major: Hmm… let’s see… I’ll be…

[Personal Data about the Major shows up at the top of the screen next to his picture.  The camera zooms in on this, so we miss a little bit of the conversation.  Apparently all we missed was the Major identifying himself as “Major Tom”]

Codename: Major Tom
Sex: Male
Age: 55
Nationality: U.K
Birthdate: 8/12/1909
Birthplace: Exeter. Eng.
Address: Portsmouth, NK

[A neat little feature is revealed here.  The player can scroll through a number of pictures of the person they’re talking to.  Each picture has a different perspective of the person’s face.  Underneath the Major’s picture is the number 01/05, meaning this is the first out of five pictures that you can scroll through]


Major: You must not be seen by the enemy.  You must leave no trace of your presence.  Is that clear?  This kind of infiltration is the FOX unit’s specialty.  In other words, weapons and equipment are procure on-site… that goes for food as well.  You’re completely naked, just as your name implies.

Snake: Great.  Now I know why you asked me if I like snakes.  I suppose calling me “Snake” was your idea of a joke, too.

Major: No, there’s a good reason for that.  I’ll tell you later, when the time is right.

Snake: Gotcha.  Getting back to the subject, how exactly am I supposed to feed myself?

Major: You’ve been issued a knife and a tranquilizer gun.  Use them to hunt for food.  You’ll also find some medical supplies in your backpack.

Snake: Yeah, about the backpack…  I lost it in a tree on the way down.

[Snake rubs the back of his neck ashamedly]

Major: I see.  Well, then, you’d better go get it back.  Do you know where it is?

[The picture of Major Tom is momentarily replaced by a black and white view of the backpack hanging from a tree limb]

Snake: No problem.  I can see it from here.  It’s stuck on a branch…

[At this point, the video flickers for a bit and skips a little bit, so I apologize if this isn’t the conversation in its entirety]

Major: To climb a tree, stand in front of a tree that’s covered in ivy and press the Action button.  I’ll be monitoring your progress over the radio.  We can’t risk violating Soviet airspace, but I’ll be in the gunship.  My frequency is 140.85.  I’ll give you a CALL if I need to talk to you.  If you need to talk to me, use the SELECT button.  OK, Snake.  Go get your backpack.

[The video fast forwards through the gameplay, back to the radio conversation]

Major: I see you’ve retrieved your backpack, Snake.  To equip a weapon, it is necessary to take it out from your backpack.

[Major Tom’s picture is now replaced by a black and white version of the Survival Viewer screen as it shows a demonstration of how to use it]

Major: In the Survival Viewer, choose “WEAPON” from the “BACKPACK”.  For other equipped items, just do the same thing from “ITEM”.

Snake: Got it!  Use the Survival Viewer “BACKPACK”.

[Major Tom’s image returns in the top-left corner]

Major: If your stamina gets too low, it’ll affect your performance.  You won’t be able to shoot accurately, for example, and your wounds won’t heal as smoothly.  Keep an eye on your stamina so you don’t run out.  To recover lost stamina, you can hunt for local flora and fauna.  You can use either your tranquilizer gun or your knife to hunt.  The suppressor’s durability is shown in the icon.  Any weapons and equipment beyond what you’re carrying now, you’ll have to find as you go.

Snake: I have to find my own weapons and equipment?  Whose crazy idea was this, anyway?

Major: No weapons, equipment, footprints, sweat, or bodily wastes – the same goes for bullets and cartridges, too.  You can’t let anyone see you.  You can’t let the enemy know you’re there.  This is a stealth mission.

Para-Medic: Hello, Snake.  I’m Para-Medic.  Nice to meet you.

[Para-Medic’s picture and Personal Data are now in the top-left corner.  This is apparently the young woman who was sitting at the controls by the Major]

Snake: Para…Medic?

Para-Medic: As in a medic who comes in by parachute.

Snake: Aren’t you going to tell me your real name?

Para-Medic: Are you going to tell me yours, Mr. Snake?

Snake: My name, huh…  It’s John Doe.

Para-Medic: And they call you Jack for short?

Snake: You’re a regular Captain Nemo.  A name means nothing on the battlefield.  After a week, no one has a name.  What’s your name?

Para-Medic: Jane Doe.

Snake: Very funny.

Para-Medic: I wasn’t joking, but I’ll tell you my name only if you manage to make it back alive.  My frequency is 145.73.

Snake: Good to know.

Major: There’s one more person I want to introduce you to, Snake.

Snake: ?

Major: Speaking of snakes, you remember The Boss, don’t you?  A legendary soldier, and your mentor.  Actually, it was The Boss that got the DCI’s authorization in the first place.  She’s going to be serving as FOX’s mission advisor.

Snake: The Boss is?

Major: She also helped me plan the mission.  She and I were at SAS together.

Boss: Jack, is that you?  How many years has it been?

[The Boss’s picture flickers into the top-left corner.  She’s wearing a black shirt and a wide, black headband]


Codename: The Boss
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Nationality: U.S.A
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Address: Unknown

Snake: Boss??

Boss: That’s right, it’s me. 


Boss: Talk to me.  Let me hear your voice.

Snake:  It’s been 5 years, 72 days, and 18 hours.

Boss: You’ve lost weight.

Snake: You can tell just by the sound of my voice?

Boss: Of course I can.  I know all about you.

Snake: Really.  Well, I don’t know anything about you.

Boss: What’s that supposed to mean?

Snake: …Why’d you disappear on me all of a sudden?

Boss: I was on a top-secret mission.  You didn’t need me anymore.

Snake: But there were still so many things I wanted you to teach me.

Boss: No, I taught you everything you needed to know about fighting techniques.  I taught you all I could.  The rest you needed to learn on your own.

Snake: Techniques, sure.  But what about how to think like a soldier?

Boss: How to think like a soldier?  I can’t teach you that.  A soldier needs to be strong in spirit, body, and technique – and the only one you can learn from someone else is technique.  In fact, technique doesn’t even matter.  What’s important is spirit.  Spirit and body are like two sides of a single coin.  They’re the same thing.  I can’t teach you how to think.  You’ll just have to figure it out for yourself.  Listen to me, Snake.  Just because soldiers are on the same side right now, doesn’t mean they always will be.  Having personal feelings about your comrades is one of the worst sins you can commit.  Politics determine who you face on the battlefield.  And politics are a living thing.  They change along with the times.  Yesterday’s good might be tomorrow’s evil.

Snake: Is that why you abandoned me?

Boss: No.  It had nothing to do with you.  I already told you, Snake.  I was on a top-secret mission.  A soldier has to follow whatever orders he’s given.  It’s not his place to question why.  But you’re looking for a reason to fight.  You’re a natural born fighter, but you’re not quite a soldier.  A soldier is a political tool, nothing more.  That’s doubly true if he’s a career soldier.  Right and wrong have no place in his mission.  He has no enemies and no friends.  Only the mission.  You follow the orders you’re given.  That’s what being a soldier is.

Snake: I do whatever I have to do to get the job done.  I don’t think about politics.

Boss: That’s not the same thing.  Sooner or later, your conscience is going to bother you…  In the end, you have to choose whether you’re going to live as a soldier, or just another man with a gun…  There’s a saying in the Orient: “Loyalty to the end.”  Do you know what it means?

Snake: Being… patriotic?

Boss: It means devoting yourself to your country.

Snake: I follow the President and the top brass.  I’m ready to die for them if necessary.

Boss: The President and the top brass won’t be there forever.  Once their terms are up, others will take their place.

Snake: I follow the will of the leader, no matter who’s in charge.

Boss: People aren’t the ones who dictate the missions.

Snake: Then who does?

Boss: The times.

[End of video]


You can figure out the rest of the conversation by watching the 2004 E3 Trailer