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Causes of smog

  This website is about Air Pollution in Toronto. We will be focusing on the aspect of Smog. Smog is a   
   mixture of pollutants with low-level ozone as the main component. Low-level ozone is made of nitrogen   
   oxides and volatile organic compounds act together in the company of sunlight. High up in the stratosphere,
   ozone protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays, but at ground level, it can be a harmful air pollutant.
   About 95% of nitrogen oxides that form smog, are produced when we burn petrol in our cars and busses,  
   or generate energy using fuel burning engines, fuel turbines, industrial boilers and power plants. Nitrogen
   oxides are related to other atmospheric problems such as climate changes and acid rain. Volatile organic 
   compounds are also necessary to produce smog. They come from the evaporation of liquid solvents and
    fuels such as gasoline or barbecue starter fluid, and from oil-based paint.

What the Toronto is doing

Who does smog affect

Health concerns



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