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Nestlé Boycott List--Alternatives

Support the Nestlé boycott. By boycotting Nestlé products you are saying "No!" to Nestlé's unethical marketing practices--practices which are in large part responsible for the avoidable deaths of 1.5 million babies a year worldwide. Nestlé has repeatedly been found to be in contravention of the World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes.

Boycott products in Israel include all goods manufactured by Nestlé and/or Osem, which is owned in large part by Nestlé. The following list is complete to the best of my knowledge.

The following are alternative products to those covered by the Nestlé boycott. This list is not meant to promote the purchase or use of any particular brand or product. I have tried to include all products similar to the boycotted product. If you know of Nestlé product or alternative product other than those listed, please let me know by clicking here.

Boycotted ProductAlternative Products
Nestlé Classic chocolate barsVarious chocolate bars manufactured by Elite and Rose of Galilee (Vered Ha-Galil), as well as imported brands
Nestlé Kit-KatElite Kif-Kef or Pesek Zman or Vered Ha-Galil Perfect
Nescafé ClassicElite Classic
Nescafé Taster's ChoiceElite Cafe Hag, 18 Karat, or 24 Karat
Nesquick, Osem ChocomanElite Chocolit and Choco-Pele
Nestlé Strawberry QuikHershey's Strawberry Syrup
Osem Crackers: Golden Dafdafim, Cream Crackers, Sesame Crackers, Cracker Thins, Du-Crackers, Vegetable Crackers, Choice Piquant Crackers, Pizza Flavored CrackersVarious crackers made by Telma, Beigel-Beigel, and Froumine
Osem Cookies: Petit Beurres (all varieties), Kastel Cookies, Filled Wafers (all flavors), Selected Cookies (all varieties), Home Sweet Home Cookies (all varieties), Berry Cookies (all flavors)Various cookies made by Elite and Froumine
Nestlé Breakfast Cereals: Trix, Golden Grahams, Clusters, Cocoa Puffs, Fiber One, Cheerios (all flavors), Cinnamon Toast CrunchVarious breakfast cereals manufactured by Telma, Kelloggs, Quaker, and Post
Osem BambaTelma Parpar Skippy, Elite Shush
Osem BisliTelma Kefli Crunch (various flavors)
Osem ChipsElite Tapuchips
Osem PretzelsBeigel-Beigel Pretzels
Other Osem Snacks: Max, Apropo, Comics, Country ChipsTelma Kefli Fun, Kefli Shedonim, Kefli Chips, PUB; Elite Digdugim
Osem Chamim V'Ta'imTelma Tovshilim
Osem Bayit Cham (soup mixes)Vita, Telma, and Knorr soup mixes
Osem Mana Chama (instant meal in a cup)Vita Lunch and Lunch Kid, Telma Nameis Bakos
Osem Instant Jellies (gelatin-type desserts)Eficol Jellies
Osem Instant PuddingEficol Instant Pudding
Osem Instant Whipped ToppingEficol Instant Whipped Topping
Osem (frozen) Pizza ParadisoMa'adanot Pizza Makpitza, Ma'adanot Pizza Party, International Food Pizza Slices, Deco Home Pizza
Osem Oat ToastiesTelma Rice Cakes, B&D Rice Cakes
Osem Pasta (all varieties)Vita pastas and a large variety of imported brands
Osem FlourVarious--often without a brand name printed on the package
Osem Self-Rising FlourEficol Self-Rising Flour
Baby Osem (entire product line)These products are probably in contravention of the WHO Code
Osem Soup NutsVita and Telma soup nuts
Osem Bread CrumbsVita Bread Crumbs
Osem MayonnaiseTelma Mayonnaise and imported brands
Osem KetchupVita, 778, imported brands
Osem Ha-Bayit cakesElite Cakes
Nestlé Motta ice cream barsVarious ice cream bars manufactured by Strauss, Tenenoga, Snowcrest, and Ben and Jerry's

All brand names are registered trademarks of their respective companies

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