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Mz.PimP'z PaGe> Hey EverY wUn..U Have ReacheD thA PaGe OF Tha OnE ANd OnLy Mz.PiMp...dis page iz Jus tO HoLlA @ AlL of Ma WunderFul PeePz in T.Dot---SCarBs---B'Town---Pickering---AjAx-n-WHitby..i Luv U All

Mz PimP'z 411>

g: 5teen
Hieght: 5' 3
Race: Black
Ъt Ǯet: Feb 02 88
ߺ tts: Single

>Da CrEwS DeM
Da LaDieZ
ToP sHoTtaZ
Thuggin Beautyz
DoWn A$$ dImeZ
people i luve

TMm aka T-Dawg..i luv u man. me and u r gunna b tight falife!! thanx for helpin me wit everythingibeen thru and i KNO u luv me 2 *muah* >

->ro & Tve..u 2 make my day EVERY day i dunno wut i would do without u guyz thanx for all tha luv >

-> ЮeWM. . wut 2 say about u! i known u for almost my whole life..oky well 5 years( but all tha years that count) wehad lotza fun dis summer *wink* i love u..thanx for alwayz being thurr *smile* >

->helle...u and me r gunnabe friendz fa life hun! we r so alike itz almost scary lol. i havent known u for that long but love u all tha same!*MuaH* >

->®H..aka SoApY LmaO Pure JOKES,,HAHA OOO soo many inside jokes so little time.LMAO our sudden upsession with `jelly` and `yogurt` hahah... LoL HOLY SHYT TEN ORGASIMS!! THATZ FUCKIN CRAZY!!! llol LuV YaH TunZ... >

-> II(Big Sis)- and Fa SHo I gotta shout u out!! no doubt thanx for all tha love :) chech out her page Princess-Dee03 >

->KM- Boo u and me had our selves a time dis summer..u wer tha first guy i loved and <3 :) and the fist to break my heart :( but i still love u..thanx for everything pa *nuff luv* >

->Mk- ahhh mark...ur so fine!! lol.. but besides that ur a GREAT FRIEND, and alwayz thurr 2 talk! thanx for errything...luv u babe *muah* >

->T- LMAO gurl Pure Jokes when ever we`re 2gether..we been thru sum ish 2gether but itz great that we can stillb such good friendz :) NuFF Luv >

->j.ewM- ooo much 2 say about u..i known u fer like ever, and im glad that we`re gettin 2 b such good friendz again!! Luv yah Babe..*muah* >

->lh & Je- (im 2 lazy to write 2 shout out) i known u guyz fo a long time!! glad dat we`re such good friendZ nuff luv babi gyalz

->DiAnA- gurl u and me are gettin to b really tight...lovin ur style and tha attitude..PURE JoKez BouT the GuYz we chop and the GuYz thAt ChOp Us LoL..Ur JamZ gunNa B SiCk... NuFF LuV Gurlie...Be Ez, StAy BrEeZy

->KeViN - like i say below..boy ur pretty dayum fine..buh i think i say that enuff...itz great 2 kno u...soon 2 b GREAT friendz..and i still dun think that "100" joke is funny lol..jkz jus kinda corney..NuFf LuV Pa ...Ez >

Lh Ter Tt- i kno that u guyz r one of tha > LaDieZ > but u deserve to be herre too. We have known each otherfor over 10 years so yu guyz r like sisterz to me..i dunno wut i would do without yu guyz, nuthing will ever break us up again. > LaDieZ u KnO!!!RepPiN EvErY WhErre!!

CrOsS uR HaRt & hOpE 2 DiE, ClOtHeZ & MaKeUp BoYs & LiEs, 4EvA DeRe TiLL Da EnD, DeFiNiTiOn Of : TrU BeSt FriENdz
You Know I'm a Cutie & You know you like my BOOTIE
Guys r Players... and thats a fact... Dont fall n love... just play 'em back!!
.*.bad boy.*.
I don't know what it is about that bad boy style
all I know is it drives me wild
every time I see you I can't help but smile
all the cute and thugish thing u do
make me wanna stay with u awhile
so you better hurry up and take u pick
cuz u just might be missing out on one bad lil' chick!