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My Geneology Website

On this website I intend to document my family tree. This work was started by my grandfather, Alan Stuart Coss.
If you find yourself on one of the 'branches' or think you should be, or just have a question, please feel free to send me an email.

Surnames I have found thus far include:

Barth, Bartmann, Bartmann-Christianson, Basso, Bender, Berger, Bolinger, Botteger, Broad, Brooks, Brumbaugh, Carter, Cass, Cooke, Cookson, Cooper, Coss, Culp, Daniel, Davis, DeCraene, Dilks, Doan, Fitzgerald, Glover, Hahaj, Hampsher, Heckaman, Keller, Larson, Lessmann, Martz, McClure, McMillan, Nine, Oswalt, Peters, Reese, Rehmel, Roethlinger, Schell, Schue, Siade, Silvious, Soderdahl, VanBruaene, Verstraete, Wagner, White, Witmer, Wittey, Wooten, Wright,

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