Sequoia Memorial(By Joe)

The morning of the trip up. A good sign.

Just relaxing...

Here's a park in Visalia Luke played at.

Luke on the Rocket!

Mountains in the distance

A creek running through the sequoia park.

I think it's called old baldy.

The drive up was pretty long. This was an hour out of LA

Some wildlife we saw on the park road

What a view.

See the distant ranges in the evening.

Strike a Pose!

Nice View of the Mountains.

Looking over the edge.


See the Sentinel in the background of a baby sequoia.

A 'Happy' little bluebird.

This is a large crack going down the center of the fallen Autolog.

A center section cut out of a fallen sequoia.

Here's a display in the Museum. Note how the Sequoia cone is much smaller than the Sugar Pine's.

You can see the old waterline in the distance.

General Sherman. The most massive tree on earth.

This brick formation is the outline of a giant sequoia nearby, giving a good perspective.

Joe and Luke begin their journey to the center of the tree.

A throne fit for a queen.

The Autolog, Cars used to park on this fallen giant.


River carving it's way through the marble in the Crystal Cave.

Luke, chasing after Daniel.

The Sequoia Museum.

Panoramic view at the museum.

Reflective pool in the Crystal Cave.

Here's a tree growing up the side of a boulder.

The Sentinal(Outside of the Museum).

General Sherman's nameplate.

Sitting on the monster's roots...

Taking a break from driving

Looking at the top of a Sequoia.

Driving through a fallen sequoia.

Visalia's Groves, half an hour from the park's entrance.

Cascading waterfall on the way to the Crystal Cave.

Luke being a clown.

Reimer's Candies was just outside of the park entrance.

Check out the view from behind Reimer's Candies.

One last photo before we head back home...

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