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International Journal of Intercultural Relations
IJIR is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of theory, practice, and research in intergroup relations. The contents encompass theoretical developments, field-based evaluations of training techniques, empirical discussions of cultural similarities and differences, and critical descriptions of new training approaches.

Journal of American Indian Education
The Journal of American Indian Education is a peer reviewed scholarly journal, which publishes papers specifically related to the education of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology publishes papers that focus on the interrelationships between culture and psychological processes. Submitted manuscripts may report results from either cross-cultural comparative research or results from other types of research concerning the ways in which culture (and related concepts such as ethnicity) affect the thinking and behavior of individuals as well as how individual thought and behavior define and reflect aspects of culture.

Journal of Negro Education
The Journal of Negro Education, a refereed scholarly periodical, was founded at Howard University in 1932 to fill the need for a scholarly journal that would identify and define the problems that characterized the education of Black people in the United States and elsewhere, provide a forum for analysis and solutions, and serve as a vehicle for sharing statistics and research on a national basis. JNE sustains a commitment to a threefold mission: first, to stimulate the collection and facilitate the dissemination of facts about the education of Black people; second, to present discussions involving critical appraisals of the proposals and practices relating to the education of Black people; and third, to stimulate and sponsor investigations of issues incident to the education of Black people.

Language Learning
Language Learning - A Journal of Research in Language Studies is a scientific journal dedicated to the understanding of language learning broadly defined. It publishes research articles that systematically apply methods of inquiry from disciplines including psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, educational inquiry, neuroscience, ethnography, sociolinguistics, sociology and semiotics. It is concerned with fundamental theoretical issues in language learning such as child, second and foreign language acquisition, language education, bilingualism, literacy, language representation in mind and brain, culture, cognition, pragmatics and intergroup relations.

Readings on Equal Education

TESOL Quarterly
TESOL Quarterly, a professional, refereed journal, publishes articles on topics of significance to individuals concerned with the teaching of ESL/EFL and standard English as a second dialect. As a publication that represents a variety of cross-disciplinary interests, both theoretical and practical, TESOL Quarterly invites manuscripts on topics in a wide range of areas, including curriculum design and development; instructional methods, materials, and techniques; issues in research and research methodology; testing and evaluation; professional preparation; language planning; and professional standards.