Multiculturalism Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Choosing democracy : a practical guide to multicultural education
This text offers concrete teaching alternatives that can be used to respond to the issues of racism, sexism, gender, and class bias. Focuses on empowerment. Emphasizes democratic, as opposed to arbitrary, forms of management. For anyone with an interest in multicultural education. Table of Contents

Dictionary of multicultural education
Focuses on the explication of meanings and perspectives of various terms used in multicultural education. This reference source can be a reliable companion for multicultural educators and can make dialogue across differences possible and likely.

Foundational perspectives in multicultural education
Encouraging readers to think about contemporary ideas regarding multiculturalism and multicultural education, this edited volume contains a wide range of selections that will inspire critical discussions.. "Questions following each section help engage readers, and a glossary defines important postmodern and multicultural terminology. table of contents for this book from Barnes & Noble

Handbook of research on multicultural education
Traces the historical themes that shape our contemporary views, crossing disciplinary boundaries, joining theory and practice, and provoking a new public discourse about navigating the twin goals of excellence and equity in education.

Introduction to multicultural education
This text introduces the basic concepts, principles, theories, and practices of multicultural education. table of contents from Barnes and Noble

Multicultural America: A Resource Book For Teachers Of Humanities And American Studies: Syllabi, Essays, Projects, Bibliography
Syllabi -- Courses with a deliberate "American" emphasis -- Courses with a deliberate "ethnic" emphasis -- Transforming "basic" or "mainstream" courses -- Essays -- "Looking for patterns": analysis, assignment, resources -- "From the inside out": essays using personal testimony -- Bibliography and checklists -- Visual arts and multicultural America -- Multicultural American arts -- An American videography -- An American musicography -- A bibliography of multicultural fictional favorites.

Multicultural teaching : a handbook of activities, information, and resources