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coldhandsdeadheart is an ongoing self-published project, used as a vehicle to expose the black ink drawings of Mike Twohig. He uses chdh as motivation to refine drawing skills and develope an identifiable and unique look. Notice the experimentation and progression in styles with the examples given on this site. chdh has consistently appeared in the form of a 4.25in X 5.5in photocopied booklet. Mike is from Erie,Pa and currently lives near Rochester,Ny where he received a BFA/Illustration from Rochester Institiute of Technology in 2001. If you have any questions or comments pertaining to chdh, or if you are interested in obtaining any copies, email Mike at the bottom of this page.


click on links to see the cover and sample drawings from each volume

volumes 1, 2, 3, 4
volumes 5 & 6
volumes 7 & 8
volumes 9 & 10
volumes 11 & 12
volumes 13 & 14
volumes 16 & 17
volumes 18 & 19