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Click your heels 3 times and say "there's no place like home" Where would you end up? The R dubya A...no place like home sweet home. I have a match comming up for the Television Championship. 6 men who are well I guess you can say worthy of the championship. Brad Wolfe, IceZ, No...fuck it I can't pronounce his fuckin name, The Young One, and Miu Fukuyama...well okay 5 men and one bomb ass female.
Mom, I love you
Carmello Isaiah Jones



(Scene: Carmello opens the door and everybody is crying...Carmello looks around the room and just stand there. His older cousin comes up to him and says)

::[ Dalpha Miller ]:: [ Crying ] It's your mom...she's in a coma.

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: What?! Coma...no not now...she can't be in a coma...will she be able to wake up?

::[ Dalpha ]:: [ Crying ] ..........

( Scene: Carmello walks down the stairs and his grandmother is crying. She extends her arms asking for a hug and Carmello hugs her. He has a few tears running down his face. )

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: So...how long has she been in a coma?

::[ Grandma Adams ]:: Well...she's been a coma since earlier today. All we can do now is just sit here and pray. Go and say something to her Carmello.

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: I don't know what to say grandma...can she hear me?

::[ Grandma Adams ]:: She can hear you sweetie...Her hearing and sence of feel is there...just can't move or anything but she can hear you. Now go say hi to her.

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: Yes mam.

(Scene: Carmello opens the door and a tall white guy around his late 40's is standing there next to his mom. Carmello's mom is just laying there...eyes closed not saying a word. It's silent except you hear the oxygen machine running. Carmello looks at his mom and just stands there for a second. Tears are running down Carmello's eyes as he talks to the nurse.)

::[ Nurse Rick ]:: Hey bud.

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: Yo. Wad up?

::[ Nurse Rick ]:: You wanna speak to your mom?

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: I don't know what to say really.

::[ Nurse Rick ]:: Well...tell her you love her. She can hear you and she's able to feel you so if you want to kiss her on the forehead then do so.

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: Okay.

(Scene: Nurse Rick leaves the room as Carmello walks and stands above her to the side of her bed. He pauses for a second before gathering his thoughs.)

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: Hey momma..........Oh yea I forget you can't hear me. I wasn't ready for this, since you know...you was fine yesterday. Um...I'm gonna go ahead and figure out what to say...I got a notebook I'm gonna write some stuff down. I love you...I'm ghost.

(Scene: Carmello kisses his mom on the forehead and brushes her hair back. He leaves the room and heads downstairs in the basement. Down there is his cousin Michael, and his other cousin Taylor. Neither of them are crying. Michael is playing the basketball game and Taylor is doing her homework. Carmello sits down on the couch for a second and just sits there. Dead silence except the video game in the background for like 5 minutes.)

::[ Taylor ]:: How are you holding up?

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: I'm okay.

::[ Taylor ]:: Don't think about all the bad stuff...think about the good things.

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: I'm trying, I need some sleep...I'm going to go to bed.

(Scene: Carmello falls asleep. Two hours later Carmello is woken up by his cousin michael.)

::[ Michael ]:: Mellow...the nurse wants to speak to you.

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: Oh aiight.

(Scene: Carmello gets up and walks up stairs and walks into his mom's room. The nurse has a sad look on his face.)

::[ Nurse Rick ]:: You just walked on your mom's last breath.

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: She's....dead?

.::][ STATIC ][::.

......To Be Continued......


Fuck it...fuck everybody else in this match..They are worthless pieces of shit to me. Brad Wolfe...you wanna make this shit personal let's do it.

"Carmello, I was just shocked that you took the time out of your busy chicken-eating day to even speak about the match. Carmello, why is it that I expected a jail crack from you? Because you're simple minded. You're easy to read. Carmello, I can read your face like a book. Anything you plan to do, I'll know, and I'll counter it... Making you look like the bitch that you are. Pray to your God all you want for a win, but the fact is....

I'm the devil.

I'm your satanic nightmare. I will put the fear of Lucifer in you. I'll make you cry, you little shit. Don't even try anything. Your efforts mean nothing. You are nothing. I am already everything you have ever wanted to be. Don't forget that. I am RWA's future. I am the next big name in this industry.... And I won't have assholes like you holding me down."

Woah...big words comming from a NOBODY Your nothing to me literally...just somebody who's holding ME down.

Wednesday, I'll focus on you...let's move all the other shits to the side and you can show Lil' Carmello what "The Devil" Brad Wolfe is all about.

You expected a jail crack about me...just like I expected a racist comment from you and you call me simple minded? Oh shit...don't make me laugh Wolfe...I'm trying to be in a serious mood here and your not helping me any.

Satanic Nightmare? "Cracker" I don't give a fuck who you are...you ain't shit to me, Carmello doesn't backdown from anybody. Not even if you was really THE DEVIL himself.

As far as wanting to be you? Oh yea...I always wanted to be a stupid ass white boy who sits there and calls people what he appears to be himself. Oh! and don't forget...I always wanted to be hit on by a drunk. God...we all know you wanted you wanted that drunk, it's just the camera that made you change your mind. But it's okay...we can take your "comming out of the closet" thing one step at a time.

Anything else you want to say?....no?....Good. As far as who's the "Bitch" is I'll be the one standing outside the cage with the Television Gold and you'll be in there where you belong with the nobodies.

..::}Carmello Jones{::..

-(Roleplay Title)-
][::Home Sweet Home [Part 2]::][
-(People Used)-
][::Carmello Jones, and whoever you see in the promo::][
-(People Mentioned)-
][::Nobody Important"::][
-(Next Match)-
][::How da fuck am I suppose to know homie?::][
][::Lived to be 18 ya dig?::]
-(Lost To)-


[ Kanye West - Get em' High ]

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