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Click your heels 3 times and say "there's no place like home" Where would you end up? The R dubya A...no place like home sweet home. I have a match comming up for the Television Championship. 6 men who are well I guess you can say worthy of the championship. Brad Wolfe, IceZ, No...fuck it I can't pronounce his fuckin name, The Young One, and Miu Fukuyama...well okay 5 men and one bomb ass female.
Mom, I love you
Carmello Isaiah Jones



(Scene: It's cold as hell outside in Minneapolis, Minnesota Carmello is standing there on the corner of his street smoking a black. Halfway done, a familar face hits the camera...it's his good friend weezy. They shake hands and Carmello hands him the black, Weezy takes a few hits and hands it to Carmello)

::[ Weezy ]:: We is we gonna stop smoking this shit mane? It's bad for our health, we know that, and yet we continue to smoke.

::[ Carmello ]:: [ Froggy Sounding ] Nigga who said WE had to stop...If YOU want to stop then stop. You ain't gotta follow me at all. You mah boy, not mah shadow homie.

::[ Weezy ]:: Whatever man..what's going down for tonight?

::[ Carmello ]:: I'm about to be ghost mane, I got a match for Adrenaline.

::[ Weezy ]:: Yea I heard...6 man Television Championship match rite?

::[ Carmello ]:: Yea. Wanna come inside the crib?

::[ Weezy ]:: Nah, I can't mane. I got something to do, but I'll catch up with you when you come back.

::[ Carmello ]:: Aiight mane, I'm up.

::[ Weezy ]:: Holla.

(Scene: Carmello and Weezy shake hands for the last time, Weezy continues to walks down the street and Carmello walks to his right and into the first house on the block. Carmello opens the door and heads inside, He heads upstairs, into a room and falls backwards into a bed. He just lays there He looks to his left and there is a picture of a lady in his mid-twenties but the picture is black and white.

He looks at the picture and stares at it...the camera zooms in on his left light brown [ hazel ] eye...the eye pupel increases, then decreases..then you hear

" Would Carmello Jones please come to the office...Carmello Jones please come to the office "

The camera zooms out and a younger but familar face appears on the camera it's little Carmello Jones. Carmello Jones sitting on a desk with his feet up, puts his feet down and gets out of the desk. He walks away from the desk and out the room. He walks down the hallway, turns left and into the school's office. There the receptionist tells him to have a seat and he sits on a chair. A girl is next to him...he looks at her and puts his arm around her shoulder.

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: Hey Boo.

::[ Courtney Gerr ]:: [ Giggles ] Hey Carmello.

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: What are you doing in here? Your suppose to be the good one in our relationship.

::[ Courtney ]:: I'm not in trouble...I'm only here to talk to the principal about some stuff. Why are you here?

::[ Lil Mellow ]:: Girl...I'm always in here...So courtney, when are you gonna have mah child?

::[ Courtney ]:: What?! Courtney Gerr is not having any children.

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: When are we going to get married?

::[ Courtney ]:: Never.

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: Fine then be like that...I never wanted to marry you anyway.

( Scene: Courtney grabs Carmello and they kiss on the lips. Carmello rests his hand on Courtney's thigh...He slides his hand up and sets the tip of his fingers inside courtney's pants. Courtney grabs Carmello's hand and holds it. )

::[ Courtney ]:: Not here...at my house after school.

::[ Man ]:: Besides...I saw that, Carmello Jones in here with me.

( Scene: Carmello kisses Courtney again as he heads into the principals room. Carmello sits inside a chair at the principal holds a referral form in his hand. The principal takes a seat, and takes a sip of coffee. )

::[ Principal O'Donnell ]:: Mr. Jones, I have a referral form from Ms. Buetow stating that you had your CD player out, listening to music...when she told you to take it off you stated "Take these balls off your chin bitch" and you put the headphones back on. It also says you been tardy and haven't been making up your lunch dententions. I'm going to have to give you a 5 day suspension.

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: 5 Days? Come on PO...I didn't even do shit...the bitch is lying.

::[ Principal O'Donnell ]:: Watch your mouth, and it's final...see you next wednesday.

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: My fault PO...that's okay...I wanted time off anyway. You just did me a favor.

::[ Principal O'Donnell ]:: You did us both a favor.

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: [ Laughs ] Oh it's like that PO?

::[ Principal O'Donnell ]:: Yes...It's like that JC [ Laughs ]...How's your mom?

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: Her condition is worse man...but she's still fighting.

::[ Principal O'Donnell ]:: That's good to hear...Look, your a great kid..and your not dumb. Please on Monday......

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: Monday? I though you said 5 days..that would be 3.

::[ Principal O'Donnell ]:: I said Monday...on MONDAY please come to school and do better.

::[ Lil' Mellow ]:: Aiight chief.

( Scene: The bells rings and Carmello grabs his coat from out his locker and heads unto the bus

<< Fast Foward The Bus Ride >>

Carmello opens the door and everybody is crying...Carmello looks around the room and just stand there. His older cousin comes up to him and...
.::][ STATIC ][::.

......To Be Continued......


Adrenaline 5 men and 1 women Television Championship Cage match. Nowhatever the fuck, IceZ, Brad WOlfe, The Young One, Myself, and Miu Fukuyama.

1 of 5...Miu Fukuyama...GOD I would love to bone the fuck outta you. I can see me and you in a bathromm stall in about 5 minutes after the match.....no? I can let you hold my championship belt.....still no? Fine, suit yourself...I got a girl anyway...don't need your pussy anyway.

2 of 5...IceZ...[ sigh ] Your so close to being as stupid as Twister. You hit a club just to stay stupid ass coment to females, your greatest comp around here will be those little 5 year olds, and when you come home you catch a hard on watching E's Wild On then you grab your lotion and beat your meat to a half naked Cindy Taylor...and you dare make fun of me? Oh my fucking God...I shouldn't even dare speak of your name.

3 of 5...Nosferatu...Hey I said your name right..like it matters your nothing here in the RWA anyways..as my good friend / former stable mate Shawn Walsh says "...Die" enough said.

4 of 5...The Young One..Coo cat. I beat him before enough said.

5 of 5...The main problem in this match. Brad Wolfe...Stupid, simple, or slow which one? you got 3 people comming at you now. Runnnig at the mouth gets you nothing but trouble...not only in the hood but anywhere for that matter...and taht's what happend in this case, if you wasn't against god I would say you better pray that you walk out of this match instead of being carried off in a stretcher. But I hear you got arrested..well...I know alot of people who likes pretty boys like you...don't drop the soap and sleep with one eye open.

..::}Carmello Jones{::..

-(Roleplay Title)-
][::Home Sweet Home::][
-(People Used)-
][::Carmello Jones, and whoever you see in the promo::][
-(People Mentioned)-
][::Nobody Important"::][
-(Next Match)-
][::How da fuck am I suppose to know homie?::][
][::Lived to be 18 ya dig?::]
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