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hello,...______________________________________it`s a crazy MIXED up world! 2003 was a ROLLERCOASTER for me and my family., but i know this new year is going to be different, so different, and EVEN better:) soOoO, i`m readie for watever 2004 has instore for me,... a NEW YEAR means a NEW start and NEW beginnings. HAPPIE NEW YEAR EVERYONE;)

1 week left + + + January 10th, 2004 + + + my 21st buuuurthday;) my Birthday is going to be gRRReat: + lunch and shopping with my dad. + dinner with my mom and the rest of the family. + dinner with my sister, her boyfriend, ...and basil at GREEN MANGO. + a day with bas for my birthday. + dinner with my friends + my childhood friend from New York coming next week-end for my birthday. + clubbing with everyone at DOCKS.