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Fall Tour of 2003
Boston - Sun, Aug.10, 3:15 pm until Tue, Aug.12, 7:15 pm
Chicago - Tue, Aug.12, 9:00 pm until Fri, Aug.15, 1:30 pm
Pensacola FL - Fri, Aug.15, 5:30 pm until Mon, Aug.18, 1:00 pm
Albuquerque NM - Mon, Aug.18, 4:45 pm until Wed, Aug.20, 10:30 am
Medford OR* - Wed, Aug.20, 7:00 pm until Fri, Aug.22, 11:30 am
Boise ID - Fri, Aug.22, 3:30 pm until Sun, Aug.24, 10:00 am
Detroit - Sun, Aug.24, 5:30 pm until Tue, Aug.26, 12:00 pm
NYC - Tue, Aug.26, 1:00 pm until Thur, Aug.28, 8:00 pm
Sorry we missed you. Lord willing, we will be planning another tour in 2004. If you would like to hear first hand how G-d is moving in the lives of Believers in the Land of Israel, please contact us and we will send a representative to your area.

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