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To Mi Joey

Dear Bay
You Mean Tha World ta Me, Ur more to me than you think with out u i know there would be no me..when i feel like givin up ur there to keep me going...its u that i think of and want to spend my life with...Tha way u make me laugh and smile ..make a gurl feel like shes on top of da world specially wen u say I Love You what i wanna say i cant even find tha words ..but i know since ive met chu mi whole life changed for tha i count down the days till we meet mi eyes gleam like an innocent child..all i want is to be is in ur arms safe frum harm.....if i could go back and time i wouldnt change not one thing we've been thro cuz they just help us grow stronga..i will always be there for u bay .. no matta wha..i care and love your foureyed azz an i wont allow nobody to come between us not even fam.. dun chu eva think u should change cuz i luv ju just da way u are mi helmet boi!!!wen we do decided to walk down tha aisle ill have no dobut about n-e thing and will know that i made tha best choice 4 me like i do now....i could right all day but ima stop here just know bay that i really love you......