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halloween 2003

[october 31st, 2003] halloween night 2003. this is the first year i didn't get any candy =( it was so depressing. lol. we chilled at richmond centre for the longest time cuz our original plans for changed, then anthony picked us up and we went to his party. everyone was so wasted. >> crazy night! i don't know who took most of these pics btw.

rose eating her chinese food

rose feeding rina


rina pretending to be a mannequin

rina again

rina & millie.. lol

nat, rose, anthony, katy, alicia, millie


nat fingering whoever took this pic

elena & yvonne

yvonne & rick coming in the door

nat, elena, & me stumbling through the door

rose finished the rest of the vodka. wutta a bitch. haha jkz

hiding from the camera

drunktard. haha.


rose, millie, katy & nat ..already hammered

katy trying to sleep & nat

nat being her drunk self


elena & some girl

haha this pic is scary

yuri & yvonne

rick & elena


halloween 2003