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Dr. Budd Ex. Laxx, Head DJ at KFICKS

"Who says you need Led Zeppelin, the Stones & Petty 24/7?" - The Dr.

I'm your host, good ol' stoney Dr. Budd Ex. Laxx.  I really dig the classic rock, so much that I swallowed a bunch of thumb tacks and sandpaper one day to get that cool sounding gravelly voice that every DJ in the world used back in 1974.  Fortunately, most of those guys have either died from all the free *candy* listeners would give them, leaving me as the only DJ in America who still sounds cool!

Lots of people ask me about the groupies, because radio people always have the hottest groupies!  Every day I'm in the studio, actin' all cool and enjoying the sound of my own voice through my headphones, and I get phone calls from sexy ladies who have no other avenue of meeting studs like me.  Here are some pictures of my favorites (click on their picture to see them in all their glory):

Pretty hot eh?  Yeah, I never have lonely weekends!  Go on, be jealous of me!  All you gotta do is be a cool radio guy like good ol' Dr. Budd and you too can bag cool chickies like these!

I've also made some pretty cool friends throughout the state.  My best radio buddy that always hooks me up is some guy that calls himself "Sharky."  He hangs out in the park and bathes in the Creek every single day, so he's cleaner than I am!  His special skill that I love is he'll rummage through all the garbage cans after a hot summer weekend, finding all the drops left in beer bottles, then rebottles them himself.  It's like his own little microbrewery at hole 6 of the frisbee golf course!  Here's a picture of Sharky:


Did you know I've helped hook up some pretty hot couples too?  I love to play matchmaker on my afternoon show.  Here are some of those couples:

- Edna and Earl - They even let me watch the honeymoon video!

- Bill & Aimee - They actually have a video company out of their house about how to keep a marriage happy and tips for keeping the spice alive in those intimate places....weeeheeeee!

Last, but not least, my in-studio guests that I've met....Sure they aren't as famous as some others, but they were pretty cool!

- Ted & Jake's Comedy Revue - They were at comedy night at the hip hip college bar in feb of 2002.  They didn't actually perform on stage, but they were funny while we played pool!

- Hedley, world champion Tarzan league midget wrestler.  The Tarzan midget league consists of the highest flying midgets in the world who get to swing on ropes around the ring.  It provides non-stop action and powerful forceful  midget wrestling at it's greatest!

Well that's it for now.  We love you all!

disclaimer: this is a complete joke mockery website, not to be taken seriously.  if you don't like our station, then you share the same feeling many others have about the decline of entertaining radio in the area!
All names, events and information on this page is purely fictional.  If you see any similarities to real life events, individuals, or other entertainment options, then you get our point.
Also, please note we have only one DJ at our fake non-existing station. The other guy that we thought about hiring is actually a nice guy and pretty cool, so we didn't want to subject him to Dr. Laxx.