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RegSeeker Product Assesment

RegSeeker is a tool that allows for easy searching, viewing, and cleaning of a computer's registry. RegSeeker is the perfect companion for your Window's registry as it gives you full access to the registry for maintenance and manipulation. In addition, RegSeeker automatically scans for invalid entries, orphaned keys, and unused extensions in your Window's registry to allow for easily deletion. This software is of extreme benefit to both the personal user, as well as a large corporation, as it makes Windows operate faster and more efficiently. Therefore, worker productivity will increase and your company will be more competitive.

RegSeeker is produced by Hover. The software is available free on many Internet "shareware" sites and also on Hover's website:

Technical Specifications
CPU Requirements: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Millenium Edition, Windows XP
RAM Requirements: 295kb
Memory Resident: Yes
Display Requirements: None

Works on Windows operating systems only.

Installation, Configuration, and Customization
Installation: Go to and click "download". Installation takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes.

Un-install: The un-install file is included at the time of installation.

Implementation, Training, and Support
No training manual included.
No reference material included.
No computer based tutorial included.
No CD-Rom Training.
No Online tutorial or workshops available.
No Index or Documentation of any kind provided.
No Third Party or 800 Number Support.
*The Only Support available is through the Hover website.*

User Interface
User Interface is menu driven and has point and click functionality.
RegSeeker contains a list of "tweaks" to change hidden options in GUI.

Security, Back-Up, and Recovery
RegSeeker does not have any built-in security functions.
Back-up and auto save features are included in the software.
Back-up can be set to automatic and is recommended to be used at all times.

Warranty Information
"Shareware"= Use at your own risk.
RegSeeker is free so there is no warranty or guarantee included.

Upgrades and New Product Releases
New Product Releases and Upgrades are available on the Hover website.
No notification is provided for upgrades or revisions. User must check the website at their own discretion

Add-ins, Ad-ons, and Enhancements
No add-ins, add-ons, or enhancements available.


Personal Opinion
I tried this software on my personal computer and it helped to cleanse my operating system. After making the suggested changes, I noticed increased speed and efficiency in most of my Windows applications.

Other Opinions
"I did not realize that a registry cleaning tool could be so user friendly! This makes RegEdit seem ancient" - Esther Sakamoto

"The point and click menu is easy to navigate and the recommendations RegSeeker made greatly improved the speed of my operating system." - Karen Worley

I would suggest RegSeeker to anyone experiencing system errors or slowness. RegSeeker is a great tool to improve the speed and efficiency of your Windows operating system. Just be sure to use the "auto save" function so that any changes you make are reversible. I also suggest familiarizing yourself with, and getting comfortable navigating through, your Window's registry prior to using RegSeeker.