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Thanks for visiting our website. I threw this thing together to help coordinate all of the planning and everything involved in putting together a wedding. Apparently it takes more than a little effort.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good way to let everyone know what was going on, where and when things were going to be, and hopefully oragnize the chaos at least a little. If you look around a little there are links to the reception hall and church if anyone's interested. I've also set up a link with maps and directions for those not familiar with the area.

And there's a little information on Jenny and myself, for those of you who have yet to meet one of us, yet. If you'd like to contact us, there is also an e-mail link on this page.

So....ummmm.. I think that's it. Thanks for stopping by.


Christmas at the Flory's 2002

Sacred Heart Church Palos Hills

Palos Country Club Palos Heights

Sunday, May 30, 2003

Memorial Day Wknd

2:00 PM Wedding

5:30 PM Reception

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