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These are random links I have collected over many wasted hours of net surfing. Some of them are funny, some are cool, but most are just weird. I don't know why I felt the need to include them on this site, but whatever. Enjoy.
This is Scooby. He's got nothing to do nothing, but he's cute. Go Back to The Front Page

Harmless Links - fun for all ages
The - Geek Mecca

The Onion - The world's best newspaper

The Ironic Times - The world's second best newspaper

Digital Blasphemy - Digital art - some amazing work here, some of which is free to download.

Cows With Guns - A mini-cartoon. Pretty self-explanatory.

Lima - India - November - Kilo - The police letter alphabet. For some reason.

Behind the Name - Etymology of names. Turns out 'Scott' means someone from Scotland. Isn't that exciting?

Binary Encoder - Cool gadget for dorks and/or spies.

Crazy Clock - OK, it doesnt do much, but it's pretty cool. For about twelve seconds.

Paper Airplane Blueprints - For the third grader with way too much time on his hands.

FBI Spy Tactics - Big Brother is watching....

Dream Analysis - I have this recurring dream that my dog is peeing in my shoes....

I Pick My Nose - Do you? Liar.

Joey Skaggs - Social Commentator / Hippie Prankster. Pranks on the grandest scale. Pretty funny actually.

Jump the Shark - When did your favorite TV shows go bad?

Lost in Translation - It's like the U.N. playing a game of telephone.

Pets or Food? - If you every get tired of eating the same old Hamburger Helper every day.

The Spider Dance - How super-heroes stay in shape.

Shake It Baby - Useless, but cute.

Tarot Card Test - If you were a 6 Inch piece of paper, which 6 inch piece of paper would you be?

Dancin' Fool - This guy's got moves.

Simpsons Test - If you were a yellow cartoon character, which ...oh forget it. - Cool games & stuff. Try 'Kick-Ups'

Mini-Golf - Sadly addicting

Cat-Prin - Seriously, the Japanese scare the hell out of me.

National Lampoon's - Funny pictures and stuff

20 Questions - I think my computer can read my mind.....

Psychic Computer - Shoot, my computer CAN read my mind.

Rum & Monkey - Tests and games and stuff. Try the "Crappy Little Elf Name Generator"

Math Trading Cards - Collect them all. Use them to impress women.

Ugly Animals - But strangely better looking than the ugly people website.

Bum Wines - For those who truly appreciate Mad Dog 20/20

Alien Abduction Dog Tags - Don't leave Earth without them.

Card Tricks - Self-Explanatory

Bar Code Art - See what'll be tattooed on your neck when the Bush adminisration is through with you.

WMD - Type "Weapons of Mass Destruction" into Google and hit 'I Feel Lucky'. This is what comes up.

Flatulence Filter - Avoid offending your co-workers while still enjoying three bowls of chili for lunch.

Black People Love Us - The story of a politically correct suburban couple.

Drink-O-Meter - Handle your liquor?

Future Me - Send yourself messages from the past. Kind of cute for a minute or two.

Serial Killers or Computer Programmer? - Can you tell the difference?

Hero Machine - Create your own super-hero.

80's Lyrics Quiz - Surprisingly hard, even if you were really paying attetion during the 80's.

More Links - Not for kids. There's nothing really bad here, maybe a little bit of cursing, but I don't feel like getting anyone in trouble at work.
The Happy Tree Friends - The definition of twisted.

How to Swear in Other Languages - Why tick off one country, when you can tick off dozens?

The Death Clock - Want to know how long you've got left? Me neither.

The Truth for Youth - Scary religious propaganda. Protect your family from the evils of rock music and evolution.

NRA's Kooky Kidz Korner - Fun & games for the six-year old packing heat.

Personailty Disorder Quiz - Are You Sick? Are you very Sick? Do you watch more than 12 minutes of Fox News a day?

Pimpin' 101 - Good comments. Gets old quick, though.

Pimpin' 201 - Check out the corporate sponsors.

Landover Baptist - We thought about getting married here, but there was something funny about it.

Yakuza - How to talk like a Japanese gangster.

How Many Would It Take? - Used to have much uglier people. Still funny though.

Humor Department - More funny pictures and stuff. Pretty tame.

Drinking Games - For when the week isn't going by fast enough.

Ebaums World - Also pretty tame, but some interesting stuff to explore.

Optical Illusion - Sorry about this...

Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye - Quit your job in style.

Manties - From the makers of the 'Man-zierre' (Seinfeld joke)