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Only $75


Fake ID's for you


Only $75



Supporting ID

















You'll also get one supporting ID!!!




These are high quality fake id's. I've seen the other crap out on the market, and it's just that... CRAP!!!

If you think you can buy a real fake ID off the internet with a credit card, you can bet one of two things is true. Either the fake ID is so crappy that law enforcement can't do anything about it, or you can expect the cops to come to your home or work and arrest you. Plain and simple.

See, these so called fake ID's are so far from a fake ID, that it might as well come from a kids cereal box. Since they look nothing like a real photo ID, cops can't prosecute the business for anything. If they do look professional enough to pass as official ID, you can bet that the police will be all over them in a matter of days. The cops will search their records to see who has paid them with a credit card and when your name pops up, they'll come looking for you.

So, how do you get around this little problem? Keep it simple... and anonomous! No checks, credit cards, or any other identifiying information. I'm sure you've already noticed, your viewing a free anonomous website. I also have an anonomous email account through yahoo and suggest you get one also, just for emailing me about this transaction.

I am located in a foreign country and I have a high quality PVC printer that can even print holographic watermarks that glow under UV light just like many state ID's have at present. My card stock consists of regular 30 mil blank cards, HICO Mag stripe cards (yes, the magnetic stripe type) and I also have smartcard cards.

How it works

So how does it work? There is a certain amount of trust that must go into a deal like this. I don't expect you to send me your money on a promise that I'm going to send you something in return without a little proof that you'll get what I'm telling you you'll get. But I also can't just send you something and expect that you'll pay me after you receive your fake id.

So, just email me what type of ID you would like and be sure to include all the requirements. Then I'll make your ID and send you a digital picture of the finished ID (your proof) to your email address. Along with the picture, I'll also include an anonomous address for you to mail payment to.

If you approve of the work, I'll file away the ID untill I receive payment for $75 dollars in the form of CASH ONLY, that's the annonomous thing I mentioned. Once I receive payment, I'll immediately drop your purchase in the mail and you should have it within two weeks. Total time to get your ID will be less than 3 weeks!

So if you're ready, email me with the requirements:

If you're not ready, jot down the email address above cause you can bet this webpage won't last long.