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Our Dutch Rabbits!!!!!!!!

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Our little Dutch

About us.

My name is Joseph Hutchens. Myself, my wife Mary, and our 2 children Derek and Kayla own and raise Dutch rabbits. We just started with the rabbits in september of 2003. After a few unsuccessful atempts with older, wore out stock, we finally acquired a tortoise Doe and a black Buck of which produced the beautiful bunnies you see pictured.

We live in Lawrence,Kansas. Our rabbits are raised in a shed out back. I wasn't Going to heat it but with the cold winter and bunnies finally in the nestbox I went ahead and heated it with an electric heater.But they would have probably done just fine without.

We sell pet, show and breeding stock. Feel free to email us at for availability and prices of rabbits as we are a small rabbitry and may not have anything available.