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To: My Friends
Saturday, 1 May 2004

I love to write letters and I love to type, so this is a way that everyone can read my thoughts/feelings at any time and at any place they want to. I just want to let everyone know how much they mean to me and how great each one of you are! Okay, there are TONS of people I could thank, but I mostly want to thank everyone at SIUE because I don't know when I will get to see them next, but hopefully this summer and I hope to have visits at Illinois State and I hope to visit them a lot! I hope they don't forget about me! I will hurt you all! hehe :) I've been through a lot of ups and downs and learned a lot about myself. I thank you all for being there for me through all of these times- Couldn't ask for better people to spend it this year with! (And to my friends that i've known longer- since we've been friends!!) Hope you enjoy my messages to you! Keep up the faith and remember who you are and don't let anyone change you. You are all wonderful people! I'm glad I had you in my life and continue to have you in my life! =) Love you! -Laura-

okay, this takes a long time to write to everyone and write a whole bunch of dont be offended if ur name is not up here yet..i am probably working on it or else u know that u are special and that i love u!! :)

Posted by ill/friends14 at 6:23 PM CDT
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Hey Brooke! My volleyball teammate! We had a... "great" team! haha Well, we had fun and that's what matters! I know, i didn't hang out with you much but I know I could come and talk to u about anything or just chill! I might be stealing your roommate next year! ha ha I hope you had fun at Spring Break- the pictures were hilarious! Good luck at everything you do! you're such a sweet girl!! Cya around next year!! :)

Posted by ill/friends14 at 6:20 PM CDT
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The other mom of the wing!! It seems like you are called one of the "moms" for taking care of the guys on our wing and I am the "mom" of Christy and the guys downstairs. What memories we get and the stories we can tell and laugh about! You're an awesome girl and someone great to talk to! If you ever need anything-even this summer- call me!! I'd love to talk to ya! It was nice to go through the "guy situation" together and be able to talk and discuss our thoughts and feelings..and Mandi too! Our trio! Good luck with everything, you will do great-Good luck being an RA next year! you'll have fun and be a cool RA!!

Posted by ill/friends14 at 6:16 PM CDT
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My future roommate..MAYBE?!?! YOU BETTER GO TO ISU WITH ME OR IM GONNA HURT U! hahaha just kidding! It will be a blast if we both go and get to room together! Then when everyone from SIUE comes and visits *hint hint* then we can all hang out together! It will be a lot of fun since you and I both have friends there and it's also a good school. I had a lot of fun going out with u that weekend of the Legion even though I never made it in to the Legion, I ended up leaving ..haha but I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to hang out with u again! And if u dont come to ISU and room with me, I will still come and visit you at SIUE! Have a great summer back in Quincy!!

Posted by ill/friends14 at 6:13 PM CDT
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My RA for 3 South!! I love my wing and the majority of the people in it! I feel like it's my second family and I can turn to anyone for a laugh or a shoulder to cry on! ;) Mandi- you were a great RA and I was so happy to get the pleasure to have you as my RA! Good luck at photography- I hope you get the job!! If not, I am sure you will succeed getting any job! Also, good luck decideding between here and going to school in Texas. Either way you will do great and have lots of fun!! I hope to see you next year even though I wont be back at SIUE! OOH and good luck with the eyebrow waxing and of course with Josiah! I am in the same situation as you!! It will all turn out for the better and God will direct us down the right path-wherever that leads! :) HAve a GREAT summer!! keep in touch! =)

Posted by ill/friends14 at 6:11 PM CDT
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Steven...hmm..what can I say about you? haha You are one of the most upbeat people and wildest guys I know! Such a trouble maker too! Always try to make "background sex sounds" while girls are talking to their boyfriends! Almost got me into trouble a couple of times!! grrr! ahha I had fun with in my biology class and being at that class at 8am, I am proud that we both made it there pretty much every morning!! I will never forget the memories with Alana Tibbets and the "ricey diarhea"...gross! You're a great guy, good luck next year and wherever you end up...whether it be stay here or go to California-Keep in touch! Just remember: that Yoshi and I will kick your ass anyday in Mario Kart!! ;) Cya Bud! Come visit me in G-burg this summer!

Posted by ill/friends14 at 6:08 PM CDT
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The girl with the "boot" haha just kidding! You are such a sweetie! I wish I would have gotten to know you better, but I always had fun with you when we went out! Have a great summer and good luck with Brian! I hope all goes well there and next year is even better for ya!! Keep in touch! Cya soon!

Posted by ill/friends14 at 6:05 PM CDT
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One of the craziest and funniest girls I know! Always looking for a party and being the most into them and also very big into her sorority! ALPHA SIGMA TAU! You are such an awesome girl! I wish I would have gotten to know you better and lived with you next year, but you guys will have LOTS of fun!! Good luck with Jimmy and have lots of fun this summer! I will see you next year!!!

Posted by ill/friends14 at 6:03 PM CDT
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Thursday, 29 April 2004
My "older brother" and my walking buddy every thursday morning! you are one of the best talkers and you should be a sales person. Whenever I tell you I am going somewhere and I stop to say hi when you are working the information desk, you always get me to stay there for a lot longer than I plan and talk to you. Last time u didnt get me though! haha :) You are such a great guy!! I wish u and your girlfriend the BEST of luck! I think you two will have a happy ending! ;) you are such a great guy and a great "neighbor" also a great competitor! Yelling at me cuz i played volleyball for 2 hours before our game and i got hurt..WASNT MY FAULT CHRISTY MADE ME! hahahahaha just messin! oh well, it was for fun, we tried! it was fun!! I will miss u a lot too and I cant wait to see u next fall so u better be around and u have my number too so u better call me or else.... :)

Posted by ill/friends14 at 1:53 AM CDT
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Hey girl!! you are my "motivator" and "advice giver" haha you are such a great friend and it is always so nice to hang out with u and to talk!! I'm so glad I met you !(through ashley-Subway girls!!) you always have sayings and quotes and verses for me to think about and to help me get through everyday. I've had so much fun with u and hanging out at my house and at your house..doing our goofy pool pictures! Great memories! I cant wait till this summer to hang out and lay on the beach(in florida!!) and sit and chat and have fun! We can go dancing..remember that night we got all dressed up but never made it to the dance club?! haha! You are so awesome and I cant wait to be at a school closer to u and see u this summer. I'm SO sorry I wasn't there for ur 21 bday but i think u understand with all that was going on here. Wow was that a crazy weekend! Im so glad I got to see u around my bday and go to St. Louis and have fun even though we had to be "spontaneous" and only take a map and no directions and GOT LOST!! Oh man, i thought i was gonna die! hahaha Thanks so much for being there for me!! Good luck in Haiti! You are such an inspiration!

Posted by ill/friends14 at 1:49 AM CDT
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