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Here are my newest picz.. im not gonna put them on my page cause it
takes the picz long enough to load .. so why add more.. ENJOY.. one

My MilKShaKe brings all the boyz to the yard...

this is like the only pic i got of me really smilin
that i would show to online people.. i look mad cheesy..

no comment on this one..
i just wanted to take a pic w/ that hat

me n my winnie the pooh.. i luv winnie.. dats ma hubby

i look possessed... the flash made me look like that..lolz

me n my name plate belt..lolz.. i luv that
belt even tho its gettin played out

i want it to be known..lolz.. dats for my best buddy cindy

well.. kisses for you.. dats it for the new pics..
if you wanna email me scroll down or just send me a note on mg..
holla back.. deuce


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