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It's All November ...But Not Really

*hollow words and sunken bastions*

erg, i need tofix this damn site up. it was pretty...really it was. hmm, i'm sitting in the library, looking @ mr. ubiquidous ever so often. he really is a cuttie. *sigh* life's being an ass again, and it pisses me off. i'm sick of peopel using FAG and GAY in that way, you know, that way i hate. Erg, my fingers are so fucked up. i broke my paints yesterday, which hella pisses me off. it's just not my era. should have been born in the middle ages and into a wealthy family witha father who always wanted a son, but only got a daughter, but treats her with all the respectin the world since her monther is dead & she's all he has left. fuckign fantasies. they shoudl die, r come true. whatever happens, i'll prove i'm strong enough to make It happen. obviously searching for a way to the home i've never seen, Sophie


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