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The Pictures:

all photos that look PSed prob. are. thumbnails of all pics can be seen by putting a "2"before ".jpg" in the URL.

A cool pic from Avesbury...if you look hard enough you can see a crop circle
mom and liz on the floor in a battle of...weird women
My Mary Bary
Fanya @ Night Pondering
Notre Dame
On The Way to Stone Henge...
b & wihte pic of me in mom's dress
liz and the fridge.......X RATED
My Sheep!
light over the city of Paris
the tower & some construction stuff
near the prime meridean
an aswsome pick of light from
more cool light from the Eiffel Tower
a street and the gov. building... i just liked the pic...
mum and her big rock :
a waiter @ a caffe i went to with mom and an art broker in england...he was just too nice to look at not to take the pic...
Near stone henge
out the back of our hotel was this nice little house....
Stone Henge Itself
Paris from the tower
A pic of the louve entrance at closing form an esclator
another shot from the tower
the V & A, where we were EVERY DAY we were in england except for the one we took off to see avesbury & stone henge