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Christian Rock

Ok so i just got a really good idea to become rich. It's called: Christian rock. Now i know any of you reading this are thinking "patrick, you silly bitch, you didn't invent Christian rock." Well i agree with you; I did not invent Christian rock. I invented something better, well i dont know if it counts as me inventing it because i haven't actually done it yet, but i had the idea for it. OK so to make my Christian rock different from all other Christian rock i'm gonna cuss in it, A LOT. It'll be hard metal shit and i'll be screaming "Fuck the devil! Satan is a bitch! Jesus died for you motherfucker!" The principle for this idea is similar to the Clown Dick Soda idea (at the bottom of this page). I figure that anything controversial will make money. Eminem was controversial so he got lots of free advertisement and people wanted to see what all the controversy was about. If i made a hardcore profain Christian rock band, then i wouldn't even have to do any work. I'd be all over the news and everyone would be talking about it. Then stupid kids would think i was cool because i'm controversial and they'd buy my record. people would even buy it just cause they couldn't believe someone was making music like that. It's really simple actually. Now i can only speak for myself here but if Pantera or somebody made a Christian rock cd i'd pay $13 for it any day. This is probably the easiest money making idea i've had so dont steal it fuckers.